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Selling a Weekender???


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Anyone have any experience selling a Weekender.


I'm not quite sure I want to do this yet, but I think I was more into building the Weekender than sailing it. It was a great 3 year project with my father, but she just sits in the garage year after year. Maybe somebody else would rather sail than build.


Just wondering what a 10 year old mint Weekender that has sailed 6 times total and been garaged all her life can bring in.


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It's definitely not a financial transaction you want to repeat very often; the cost of materials is probably more than the boat is worth. But, the process of building it with your Dad isn't something you can put a value on.


Check to see if you have a Sea Scouts chapter near you as well; if you itemize deductions the gift of a boat to a charitable organization can be taken at fair market value.

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Sales are based on a perceived value, so the builder's reputation, materials employed and the model's market share, are usually above the general condition the boat might be in. Home builds are at the very bottom of the list, unless a particularly well known builder and design. This leaves only the perception of the finishes and materials employed in the build, beside the general condition of the boat, to provide a clue to it's value. Yeah, this sucks, but is quite typical.

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