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Emergency Supplies

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The following links are for articles from an experienced paddler:





I would add a spare paddle, paddle float, bilge pump and marine radio (or at least a cell phone) to the list.

About a week ago I went out in calm conditions and came home in very challenging conditions; I almost needed the paddle float. A couple of weeks before that I broke a paddle getting back in my boat after a rest stop. The message is: prepare for nasty conditions every time you get on the water. The additional gear you need for nasty weather is not much heavier, more numerous, or more expensive than what you need for calm conditions.


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Great advice Dan. Conditions can change so fast on the water with weather, your boat, and your body, and tough to call a cab or walk home. A pop-up storm could turn a half-day trip into 2 days on a deserted lee short. Being well-equipped adds to paddling mental "comfort" & enjoyment. R

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