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Frank Hagan

Forum Upgrade - What's New and "Hey, where is ..."

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The forum upgrade is mostly complete. There are some important changes that were necessary to fix some of the oddities we had.

Avatar vs. Profile Photos

Instead of using your avatar photo, now all sections of the site use your Profile photo. The software has been updated to crop rather than stretch the photo to fit. To access your Profile and add your image, click on your username at the upper right and select My Profile.

Calendar Improvements

The calendar has a few new options. One is a "download as iCal" link at the bottom. Along with that link is one for the RSS feed of the calendar for those of you using RSS readers. Finally, you can set up an event on the calendar with a RSVP function. Clicking the "Add Event" button allows you to add your mess-about, meeting or other event. To enable RSVP for the event, simply check off the appropriate box.

Chat Issues

The chat room is having some kind of issue; I will try to get this fixed soon.

The chat room has been fixed!


The new editor is an adaptation of the popular CKEditor. It has some nice features:

  • Change edit mode, from WYSIWYG to plain text, by clicking the "Toggle Edit Mode" icon (top row, left).
  • Autosave - designed to prevent losing your long post if something happens. Refresh the page, and most of your content will reload
  • My Media button - to insert photos, videos, etc. you have uploaded previously in a new post
  • Special BB Code button ... to the left of the "Font" box ... has additional formatting options

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New options for "View New Content" link:

Now, when you click on this link, you get a page of the new posts and a control sidebar in the left column. Want to only see the new posts in one or more forums? Click the bottom link, "Filter by Forum" and select the forums you want to follow. The system will remember this setting for later visits.

Note that you can filter for content you haven't read, content posted since your last visit, within the last 24 hours, etc.


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Hi Frank,

Is it possible to have just my logo as the post avatar, instead of my picture. Though I don't mind looking at myself, I'd prefer the logo instead of my mug. I tried to make this change in the user's CP, but had no success. Besides, the picture is getting quite old and I'm much uglier now.

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I just got it back up and running. Not sure what happened because both the Wordpress front end and the SMF forums went down at the same time; the only thing I can think of is a javascript error or something like that (both are using old themes with some old javascript).

The Forums are back up with the byyb.org theme applied; the Wordpress front end will take a bit longer. I had to scrap the byyb theme and install a default one that I will modify for the right look and feel over the next few days.

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