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A New Paint Additive

Don Silsbe

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I have viewed this video a few times now, and I am intrigued.

 I wonder if anyone has tried this stuff out with our beloved Devoe 2-part polyurethane.  We’re already using an Awlgrip reducer for the Devoe product, and this stuff looks awesome.  Anybody tried it yet?


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Don- I watched the video, skipping ahead in places. I used Alexseal on Rosie with very good results without the magic additive. They seem to be on the cutting edge with this stuff. How geeky can we be? Watching videos of paint drying?? 


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I wish PAR were still around.  He’d have an opinion on this.


I just came i to a fill can of Interlux 333N.  That’s a thinner for two-part poly.  I’m getting low on the Awlgrip T0031, that Alan recommends for thinning Devthane.  Maybe I’ll do a little test on some panels I’m building.  

But I sure would like another opinion on this Alexseal product.  I’m not exactly poor, but I’m not eager to spend $37 on an experiment.  I could use one capful, and find out that they are incompatible.

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