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Walter T

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I started on this working on this FreeB  for my grand daughter  a year or so ago, had a very bad accident and am now back at it. I have drawn out all of the frames, bow and stern but I see no dimensions for the slot, for the keel, in the bow or stern. Is this something I should just cut in on my own or am I missing something? I also don't see any A dimensions for the keel. Does this mean that the keel should be flat with no rocker? The accident was my own doing. I had built a T14 Martin house and when I went to raise it to the top of a 12' pole, it fell from the very top, struck me on the head, smashed me to the ground, giving me a concussion, wrenched neck and a completely blew my out rotator cuff. All's good now but, I'm a little dizzier than ever.

Thanks a bunch 



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