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  1. very nice job Thank you Walter
  2. Great I ideas guys! Thank you Wally
  3. I will need to protect the stem and the keel with some sort of rub strip. I will have a fairly sharp bend to make and would like to know what materials might work for this. I have a bunch of ash and left over cedar. Some folks claim that ash rots quickly and cedar is to soft. Metal, plastic wood.....? Thanks in advance Walter
  4. Beautiful boat!! I will go with Tung oil. Thank you Walter
  5. So.... What would you suggest I use for the wood, brands?? I did a search for real varnish and there's bajillions of them that may or may not be (real) but then, most of the wood will be under the skin with only a little showing around the combing, floor boards and a small transom. Thank you Walter
  6. It is labeled as Marine spar-urethane with an oil modified-urethane and 49.5 percent solids so, it's not the real deal but, I will be using it and we'll see how it goes. Thanks for all the help. Wally
  7. OK folks; I just picked up my spar varnish and was wondering if I should thin the first couple of coats out a little so it will soak in better. Thank you Wally
  8. I'm working on the same thing and will be giving Rust-oleum Marine Spar varnish a try after reading a good review by someone that knows a whole lot more than me. I will be picking up my varnish on Thursday so we'll see............ Wally
  9. I haven't purchased my fabric yet. It was recommended that I use an 8 ounce polyester because of the ease of application. Now I don't know if that means it is an economy fabric or not, this is my first boat. What determines economy fabric.
  10. Awesome! Are there any brands in particular that one could recommend? Thank you Walter T
  11. OK guys and gals what is the most durable long lasting finish for polyester fabric? I like the look of translucent finishes and am concerned that they may not hold up as well as paint. What would you folks recommend? I had a wood boat and it required annual sanding and touch ups, is this likely to be the same?
  12. Hey Jeff; I just ordered some lashing from you and received it very fast at a nice low price. I plan to put give it a try. Thank you
  13. Thank you; I will go with the lashing and just use glue where I can't figure out how to lash things like the transom to stringer joints.
  14. Thanks Kennneee; I also posted this same question on Kudzu's forum and a lot of guys never use glue, just lashing. The joints I am speaking of are the stringers to the plywood frame. Is this where you used the Titebond 3?
  15. OK Guys I will give lashing a try. My keel is going to be 2" wide. Will that make any difference in the effectiveness of the lashing and I didn't see any info on lashing the stem? My boat will also have a transom. How would you go about lashing stems to the transom and wouldn't that create a small gap between the lashing, fabric and transom and allow water to get between? This is great and thank you Walter T Jeff, I didn't buy my plans from you but, I would like to buy some lashing from you. Is this OK with you and what is your favorite lashing to work with?
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