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12 years on my P22

Norman Colter

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I have been away from the forum for a couple years, dealing with some health issues. I am now disabled and retired. Plenty of time for the forum. 

I have been reading up on past posts. Mostly P22 related. I was a little surprised to read of a couple Princesses that have had some rot issues in the cockpit sole. 

I chose not to fill the space with foam. I  cut a couple access ports so I could air out that space. 

The center board trunk in the cabin calls for a removable cap so we have access to the center board. But the trunk extends into the space under the cockpit sole. While I thought I had everything flat and flush, when put down the sole, I had to trust that I had sealed the top of the trunk.

It was very apparent that first labor day weekend that I had not. So I got some long sticks and some thickened epoxy and attempted a repair from underneath. It mostly fixed it, but it doesn't take much to let water in. So I bought myself a little sump pump and every time we went out I had to pump out a couple gallons. It was easy. 

Well this summer I have cut out the cockpit sole over the trunk. Discovered I needed more thickened epoxy when I put down the sole, and I should have temporarily screwed it down instead of just putting weight on it. So I fit a small piece and sealed the case before I replaced the piece of sole. Labor day weekend we came home dry. First time in 12 years. 

So future and current builders of the P22, I pass on a little lesson. Please make sure that the center board trunk is sealed under the cockpit sole. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's great to hear from another P22 owner.  The rear centerboard cap leak has plagued more then one owner.  The builder of my boat put a hatch in the floor.  Fortunately the trunk on my P22 has not leaked.  Kinda makes me wonder if that part of the cap should just be permanently bonded from the get go.  Or if the centerboard could be make shorter and end at the bulkhead.  Hard to know if it would hurt it much upwind.

Personally I like daggerboards.  An easier system to build and maintain.  In addition it has less drag then a centerboard.  In the early years of windsurfing you could really feel the drag the open well cause.


Did you glass your keel? And what did you use to bed the lead?

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I think my issue was carelessness. I used lead weights to hold down the cockpit sole. I  should have used screws. I opened the cockpit sole this summer. For some reason that corner didn't seat as it should have. Left a 1/8th inch gap about 3 inches long. 

My experiences with a dagger board are from a Sailfish. I can't see that being practical on a boat this size.

I glassed my hull. The keel is shaped to fit, epoxied and bolted. I set the lead in 3M 4200 and bolted. I don't think I will ever remove it, but at least in theory. 

I don't ever beach her, and so far I haven't hit anything. After 12 years it looks good. 

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I try not to have adventures. As a general rule, if the weather is crappy, we don't go sailing. I have a very nice situation for boating here in Ipswich. We have the barrier island Plum Island. It provides for sheltered water. Makes a great place to spend the night. Also good for fishing. 

We routinely sail in 2 to 4 foot seas. I am comfortable in 4 to 6 foot seas. Anything above that, we stay in secluded waters.

In the summer we often get a sea breeze going. It's perfect for sailing up and down the coast. We have been as far north as Portsmouth. South to Thacker Island, and several miles off shore in between. My mate and I enjoy fishing. With a nice breeze we easily get going enough to drag a lure or two, so the fishing grounds are usual targets. Chasing down the plastic boats is always fun too. 

I have a swim ladder, only used it once. I think it's aluminum. Three steps. J rails hang over the transom. It was given to me. One weekend my daughter was with us and she wanted to go swimming. I was glad we had it and it just goes with us now. I hope you enjoy your Princess. 

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