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Cradle free

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Build of hull #24

Today was another milestone for the construction of hull #24 She is now cradle free hanging in mid air like one of David copperfields  grand illusions the next step wil of course is to flip her over to start the work on the hull bottom as soon as I can round up a few friends to help out.







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These post bring back memories, which are getting better with time. There are some people (Chick, I'm talking about you) who love to build. And others, like me that just want a boat that I couldn't get unless I built it myself and liked, but didn't love the building process.   Now I'm at that point where I go sailing and am amazed I finished and it sails so well.. I hope you are more like Chick. I'm looking forward to that sailing day for you.


I like that you painted the aft storage. I didn't, and it's kind of dark in there.

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Looking good! You should check out Alan’s video about flipping his boat single handed.


I wanted to note that your shop photo of your boat is the only one I have seen in this forum with a vintage airplane in the background!



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