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Sailing a Catch Ketch with one mast NOT in the center position


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How's this working out?  Looks good to me.  What I love about these small boats is that you can play around with different arrangements, and not break the bank in the process.  I have tried out several sheeting configurations on my boat.  I'm on iteration number three for the mainsheet, and number two for the mizzen.  I think that the main is "close".  The mizzen might meed a tweak or two.  Then, there's the mizzen in the center position.  What fun!  Do the same with your sail lacing.  Try different things.

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I tried that spiral lacing on previous boat.  I could never get it to work right, mainly due to the friction between the mast varnish and the line, I think.  I ended up making "hoops" out of line, and those worked better.  This was in the days before spectra and soft shackles.  I think I used nylon line, but it might have been dacron.  In anyway, I second the motion for hoops/soft shackles.

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