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  1. Hi Jeff, I had my frames cut by CNC router. He used a 4mm bit so the internal corners are all 2mm radius - perfect. I can't fault it and no burnt edges. It cost me Aus $70 (this includes setup) but would be cheaper if done in bulk. So I would look around for someone who does that in your area. Cheers Tony
  2. thanks chaps. I will do a few tests
  3. Sorry to bring up this topic again but it may be slightly different from this side of the world (Australia). I am building a stonefly canoe and would like to have my 9oz polyester fabric translucent and preferably with the fabric dyed brown/tan before the finish is applied. What is the best finish to use?. For Americans responders please specify type of finish rather than brand name. I was thinking a single pot oil based polyurethane like an Australian product - Estapol which is designed for interior woodwork. I know some people use 2 part polyurethane on nylon but would that work or be better for polyester? My canoe will get little use and will live inside my garage most of the time so UV exposure fairly minimal. Any tips appreciated. Tony
  4. Hi Jeff, I have just ordered the 9oz fabric from your store. cheers Tony
  5. Thanks for your thoughts Dave
  6. Hi Jeff, I am building stonefly is the premium wide enough for that?
  7. OSMO is a german ''hard wax oil''. It is used on floors, timber benchtops and furniture. It is a natural finish and is becoming very popular in Australia as it is relatively non toxic, easy to apply, durable and good looking. Great stuff
  8. That is interesting. My thought would be that they go on the down hill side of the line - so if the hull tapers to the left then put it on the left side of the mark. That way when you shape the frames stringer/gunwall cutout a bit so the stringer/gunwall sits nice against the frame the point where the frame is on the line has not been altered. Not much in it in the centre of the hull but a couple of mm in at at the end frames. What do you think? cheers Tony
  9. Has anyone used OSMO to finish woodwork on a kayak/canoe. It does say interior only but I have used it on the kitchen timber work surfaces and it is very tough. It is also very easy to apply. I figured that a kayak or canoe that spends most of its life hanging in a shed is almost rated as interior. Anyway if anyone has some thoughts let me know
  10. Thanks for your advice men. Seems I will do as I thought I would have to and buy from Jeff. I will take you up on your offer of the last bit of premium fabric Jeff. I also want to buy some twine for lashing frames and stitching. Shall I do this through the shop or, as it may not appear in the shop, will you prepare a special invoice? Anyway let me know. Thanks Tony
  11. great looking canoe Greg. I like your detailing as well. Marine varnish on the woodwork?
  12. Hi SB, Your kayak looks fantastic. I am about to build a stonefly canoe and am wondering if I can get the fabric in Melbourne or elsewhere in Oz. Did you buy yours in Australia or from the kudzu store. Also what finish did you use. Thanks Tony
  13. Hi Omar, The stonefly looks great. I am about to build one also. What mistakes did you make? Keen to avoid them. cheers Tony
  14. Hi Coucal, Your kayak looks fantastic. I am about to build a stonefly canoe and am wondering if I can get the fabric in Melbourne. I see you bought your fabric from the kudzu store. Is that economic? and did you get your finish from the kudzu store too. Thanks Tony
  15. Hello, I am about to build a stonefly canoe in Melbourne and want to know where I can get a suitable polyester fabric from. I would also like to know what to product (available in Australia) to finish it with. I like the look of the ivory colour and my preference is for a glossy smooth finish but at the end of the day the main thing is keeping the water out and durability. Thanks in advance Tony
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