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  1. Steve Irwin passing is a sad thing for wildlife and nature conservation but sadder still for his loving and much loved wife Terri and his two small children Bindi ( 8 ) and Bob ( 3 ) and Australia has lost a much loved son Loud boysterous energetic exhuberant passionate and enthusiastic Steve Irwin could hold vast audiences in his hand... the potential of Steve Irwin was only just begining his potential to some increadible things for the worlds wildlife and conservation was only just being tapped... and is now gone... While some of us considered him dangerous ( myself and others such as legendary croc hunter and conservationist Malcolm Douglas being but 2) considering many of his antics sheer foolishness and increadibly dangerous... But to a tee Steve was a typical Aussie larrikan and a grand showman exceptionally good at instantly endearing himself to an audience no matter where he was in the world... he knew his stuff for sure with the crocs and other animals but they were always a huge risk and even as a "professional" he could never be sure the wild beasts he "played" with wouldnt take him out at any second... the risks he knew well. Personally after years of watching this bloke and all his antics and shows I think to me as an Aussie his one greatest statement he ever made was about his country my crountry when asked what he would like to see done for Australia he responded "Mate Id turn the whole bloody place into a huge massive wildlife sanctuary" Steve to a tee The shame and sadest part of his passing at the young age of 44 is his children their lives now forever without their much loved daddy... yes he died doing what he loved yes he died doing what he would have wanted to be doing yes he had medical crews on hand but even that didnt save him... but he was still far too young... it wasnt unexpected by many as he was by far to rash and over the top but still he has gone far too young. From this Aussie to his family both the Aussie family and his extended family in the USA (Terris birthplace) to his mates his employees his many fans our love our hearts go out to them all Shane Jo and hoonberrys West Aus
  2. Damn!! Your lucky I called in tonight mate :wink: No problem will do as the time comes along... all things go into the folder marked "WEEKBLOODYENDER"... mmmm now come to think on it if I hadnt already decided on Spinifex Lady as her name Id go with that! :twisted: HA!! Cheers
  3. Brilliant David and that place looks friggin awesome!! 8) I reckon Id be right at home there :wink:
  4. Wild_Dingo

    Fred is wet

    And for the twerps like yours truely who cant figure out why Chad would call his boat "Fred"... its all cause of that one little sheila in the first pic!! :wink: Shes called Fredrika and way back when little Fredyricka was but a speckle in her old mans eye he started to build a wee boat... so it was just natural that Chad bein the great proud papa he is to call his wee boat after his major league little ball of beauty and so "Fred" came to be 8) As to the other two little hoonberrys in the pic... well the laddie out the front is called "Oi You" and the other sheila is called "Oi Buggalugs" thats so that Chad doesnt get confused... you know between "Fredyricka" "Fred" "Oi You" and "Oi Buggalugs" as you do :roll: Fredyricka is the capn of this ere wee ship and so everythin she says goes... else theres major league tearin of hair screamin tanties and much stampin of tiny footsies... this Admiral Chad cant allow since the decks are only ply not regular plankin and he must keep his crew in order somehow... callin the wee boat "Fred" has mollified Capn Freddyricka immensely and now shes a foine capn an patiently waitin for delivery of the 9 pounder Admiral Chad ordered Avast ye blaggards Capn Freddyricka is on the scene aboard the good ship "Fred"!! 8) Well done to one and all... and it looks like a great day was had by all 8)
  5. What and you dont?? :? Strewth and here I thought everyone did!! :roll: Joe... mate sorta chome domed handsome I may go with but pretty? NOT A FLAMIN CHANCE mate!! Although theres somethin about a bald headed buggar in a red tutu that does things to me :wink: (like head for the hills like a demented emu!! ) Adla I dont care what anyone says girl your redhot and the blokes up there are insane not to snap you up fete you with flowers and choccys cover you in precious gifts and well... gawd strewth woman you deserve all the accolades I can toss at you!! (hey someone must these old pharts wont!!... sigh takes an Aussie eh?!! ) Mike... mate Waste Knots has given you and her highness many hours of great fun and enjoyment shes a beauty!... and "le Popsickle" is also gonna be a stunner! I wait patiently waiting for her launch 8) ooh I know you gots that Simmons to finish an all that stuff but le popsicle has to be the best Ive seen in flamin ages... different you know? and that tail mate talk about tempting!!... Im still wonderin how one would go doin that round stern on a weekender :wink:
  6. Don Olney?? WOW!! Say gidday to the old buggar from the Dingo!! heck I havent spoken with Don for ages! Real nice bloke Cheers Alda take good care And remember to wave as I come ashore on a beach near you on Spinifex Lady
  7. knock knock!! Oi you lot keep the pics coming!!! :wink:
  8. Nope am still havin some wee issues with the wheel... number 1 went out the window pretty rapidly as I had no idea what I was doing with the new lathe and botched it majorly :oops:... number 2 has also just gone the same way as I stuffed up the veneering something terrible :roll:... sooo onto number 3!!! But Im not detered... nor worried about it either as I know once I get it right it will be excellent... bit on the perfekshunist side Im afraid and I keep lettin me imagination get in the way of completion... never mind!! :wink: No choice with the hole just now mate... still recouperating will be seein the specialist again on Thursday to have the old lungs checked along with the ticker... funnily enough though I feel pretty damned good for an old phart! as my comments toward the lushioous Adla can attest :twisted: however its bloody cold down here just now and Im one of those dopey buggars that really cant abide bein inside for more than a couple of hours a day so tend to head outside... even if its friggin freeezin even if its phissin down with rain and yes even if Im just recouperatin from pnumonia and plurisy!! :shock: I just gotta get out!!! and so tonight Im feelin just a tad gak :cry: The new jobs really the ducks knuts for me as I head over the hill (Am I really almost 50???? gawd strewth what the blazes happened!!!!) and aimin for retirement its good to just cruise around on the surface instead of headin down the hole all the time... more $$ too believe it or not!! 8) If I head out again it will happen on Monday then Im gone for 2 weeks... sigh... but the moneys good... sigh... but the money will give me the $$$ that I need to keep her happy and me in boatbuildin stuff!! so its all good!! 8)
  9. Gawd strewth woman where were you when I was young single and mad enough to get on a plane to the states??? You get absoflaminlutely more prettier every time I see you! And love boats! AND BUILDS BOATS?... MAN what else does a bloke need? 8) I gotta ask... what do you do when your not building sailin or muckin about in boats Adla? and never a bloke in the pics with you??? Are all the blokes over there BLIND??? man!!! Most of the blokes here I know from elsewhere but you? your a mystery you beautiful boat nut you! ooh to heck with it Im gonna just jump a plane and come over!! ahem... yes dear? no dear I wasnt flirting with that drop dead gorgeous boat girl... I was NOT!!.... yes dear you know I love you... even though you get seasick in the bath even though you dislike boats like I dislike cats :roll: ... sigh ah well bein an ol married phart in another country aint all bad :wink: Lucky Im down here and your up there eh Alda? Id be around to meet up with you in a shot!!! :wink: I better get busy buildin my weekender and start the long journey up that way eh? keep a weather eye open for the legendary Spinifex Lady and the manic Dingo at the wheel I'll be the one winkin at you! :twisted:
  10. Wonderful Adla!!! 8) Your an inspiration you do know that dont you :wink:
  11. by setting that addition up at 95% that gives you the right angle for the mast step? excellent thank you!! 8)
  12. STUNNING!! 8) And Im not just talking about Adla either! :wink: The boats beautiful well done Brit May you yours and your friends enjoy many many years of peaceful cruising in 'Mini Pearl" 8) ahem... hows yours coming along Adla? been awhile since Ive seen a thread of yours... mmm last I saw you had just done the keel and I think gone 3D??
  13. Thanks Frank was spending probably too much time pondering that keel issue... so will just move on make the centre one and put it all together make a stand thingymajig and start to get it together... ooh after Ive bought the new shed!... sigh Actually mate aside from me bein crook for the last couple of weeks were all doin bloody brilliantly... life as has been said is good... not perfek but good all the same 8) The mine jobs a ripper in so far as I only go underground twice per day to water the decline and the rest of the time Im on the surface... which after the events over in Tassy of recent times suits me just fine!! Although I do have some issues over that whole Beaconsfiield thing it did bring home just how intrinsically deadly it is down there... but hey!! The moneys flamin brilliant!! a couple more years... 5 tops by then the house will be paid for the debts all gone and half the kids married off :? and some $$$ in the bank and investments... and thats it I can "retire" and do what I want instead of what they want... will probably keep my finger in by doing some inductions and safety things but working for me instead of the company and heck!! Id be home every night!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!! watch out possumpoop! :twisted: oooh ahem I meant that by then Spinifex Lady will be sailing!! :oops:
  14. Gidday one and all from the great land downunder and the dingos den in the great southwest of West Aussie Many things have happened since last I wandered in here... first is I dont spend very much time on the net as I once did... in fact very little First our daughter Melissa who went missing awhile ago, contacted the Police in kalgoorlie after some freinds contacted her and told her of our worry and concern and she is fine living with a new boyfriend working on the mines and making more money than her old man! We have had a visit and Jo has gone up to see her and she and her man are doing great she now rings once a week or we ring her so things are back on track there As to Jo the love of my life my wee possumpoop, well the chemo and other medical interventions have worked to a greater degree although theres been some serious changes in her mostly physical and some emotionally but shes coming along well As to the other hoonberries, Yazmynn (eldest and twin to Melissa) is now engaged and buying a home just up the road in the next town and doing famously even if her fiance needs a bloody good kick in the ass!... aaahh hes gonna love havin me as his FIL Tiffany is also engaged and now has a healthy bundle of joy in Lucas Jacob who at 5 months is bloody huge a real buddha of a kid theyre increadibly happy and moving down to Bunbury in the next few weeks to be closer to possum and her fiance Bens family Aaron the legend of my life is now a fully fledged man at 19 and a half works away from home on a farm down south of here and is happy as a pig in poop as healthy as a mallee bull in heat and about as much trouble for the sheilas as one as well Bethy the 16 year old is still the gorgeous giggling gurty that shes always been more studious than ever and finding her studies easy with intentions of heading to uni to be a lawyer if she doesnt get into the AIS under a netball scholership next year... and so far has no interest in boys (thank the gods!!) Jacinta is growing probably faster than any of them and doing very well with school and sports but seems to see school as a social event more than a serious study place BrieBrie is doing well in her first year of high school and is growing up TOO BLOODY FAST for my liking shes doing cadets with the State Emergency Services and the School Army cadets and loving it JoshyGoshy has really taken of! thinks hes Maradona Rinaldo and Beckham all rolled into one at soccer doesnt think much of school other than the activity and shielas!! 9 girlfriends without counting the ones at soccer!! 8) Me? well Im back underground mining again up in the Great Sandy Desert on a copper mine... although I dont go under that much with this job as Im their "surface environmental dust suppression unit manager" in other words water truck driver!! Which is okay by me! Ive not been at work for the last 2 weeks as Ive been down with pneumonia and pluricy along with angina and been forced to remain abed first in hospital and now at home another week will hopefully see me right again... unfortunately this job is the main reason why I dont spend very much time on the net anymore... theres no internet connections in the Great Sandy Desert!!! and Im gone 2 weeks on and have only 1 week off and mates I gotta play daddy hubby and poppy for most of that!! As to my baby Weekender #3115 "Spinifex Lady"... well the keel first let me just say Im the sorta bloke that if I dont have something thats particularily asked for in a design I tend to look around and make do... sometimes this works okay others it sorta doesnt... now the Keel... I didnt have any 1in x 12in pine layin around but I did have some 1 1/2in x 13in Sepiature (a Malaysian hardwood) layin around so I cut and shaped two keel peices from that... still have to cut the third but I checked the two today and as they stand they are alread 3in wide so now if I add the centre peice shes gonna be 4 1/2in wide... and damnably heavy to boot... so at some stage of the game Im gonna have to do some serious thickness planing to bring it down to the right thickness or else just go with the two peice keel... advice with this would be good... cheers! The other thing I did before all this started was to make the wheel... well I made 2 actually... the first was made of Jarrah and boy did I stuff that one up!!! ROYALLY!!! so... I made anothery this time I used Jarrah for the spokes only the ring Ive made of Kapur and Ive used Tuart for the inner ring instead of ply as per the plans... Ive aslo decided to use solid timbers instead of ply wherever possible eg the ring in the centre of the wheel? Im using Sheoak The other boat Ive started is the Valgerda and have so far got the lofting done along with the keel cut and stored and the tiller is also done. The shed is finally up and the tools in and set up... Ive spent quite a bit of time setting the shed up properly with wood storage and locating the tools for the best spacial area... however... its too ruddy small at 6mtrs x 9mtrs! so Im planning on building another this one will be 10mtrs x 30mtrs only one bay enclosed which will house the thicknesser and jointer and the other open like a hay shed which will be my boat building area... I do still have the 70ft x 30ft x 25ft humpyhoochy down the back but were presently not using it as the previous owner has decided to take us to court believing it is still his and until thats sorted Im just storing logs in there... I also still have the 40ft seatainer but possum has reclaimed it for storage of Tiffany and Bens gear until they settle The tools? Are all Bloody brilliant!!! man its really something else to have all the tools you can need to do any timber related job you want... best investment decision Ive ever made was to demand the money to buy them when we sold the other place I advize anyone to do the same!! Im still building Spinifex Lady and the Valgerda but have finally decided on the long term build which will be David Paynes Paketi http://www.payneyachts.com/sailing_yachts.htm So... once things settle again and I get back on me dancin feets I will get back into it again this time with a vengence! 8) Thanks Oyster Mike for keepin in contact with me although I am pretty lousey at getting back to you I do appreciate it mate! Now I better have a gander at those messages Ive got waiting for me in the message box!! :oops:
  15. Thanks Ken well put together 8) I particularily like the trolly idea although if memory serves Alda had a triangle idea that was great too... gotta have the room to do the trolley though eh? And for me that will mean building yet another shed!! Dave? Id appreciate that dimesion thing if you could please mate?
  16. Seriousl I do love the Simmons... and Mike does do bloody good work!! sorta makes one wonder why he doesnt do one for himself eh? I couldnt give a fig for the dorys not my cuppa but the popsickle and the simmons? oooh mate!!! As for sailin wasnt it you that sent me those beautiful pics of you and the loverly missus just whilin away sailin on some fine bay the other day Mike mmmmm???
  17. Hey Mike!! Hows she going? I am SERIOUSLY hanging out to see the legendary "popsickle" launch day mate Cheers!! Shane
  18. Mark... can I suggest you try to have a look at the Triton 1/2in router? Its about the best on the market as far as Ive been able to assertain... I believe its available in the States (Aussie made) its a smooth as silk operation and easy change designed to go both on the table and handheld changing bits while under the table it a breeze as its collet comes above the surface I have one and mate its better than the ducks knuts! Better by far than many on the market and beat my other 2 hands down! http://www.triton.com.au
  19. Well done Jake!! Brian thanks for the info Had a short email from Mike Field of woodenboatfittings.com.au but as hes busy as hell at the moment it went like this So you were right Brian... mmmm and I was wrong? dahmn!! and here I was lookin forward to a bit more lathe practice too! Cheers PS... Mike? Your spending WAY too much time havin fun!!! :cool:
  20. Mate why not?? Plans are in essence guideposts... while some would no doubt say "DONT DO IT!! YOU MUST under pain of death doom and destruction stick truely to the plans and only the plans nothing but the plans"... I personally take it that they are guidelines of what can be done and there is within that some leeway for differences Personally... and remember here Im like Schultz from Hogans Heros "I know Nuffink!"... Id say go for it... first it will look great second you will enjoy the ride more having given it the personal touch third it will look great... need anymore reasons? Okay It will look bloody brilliant!!! Imagine the looks of awe and longing you will create at the launch ramp 8) And hence my reason for annoying the hell out of Oyster Mike about putting a fantail stern on my weekender!! :cool: And my long ago discarded now being resurfaced ideas of making it into a schooner!! AND Ive even had weird thoughts of makin it into a strip planked round bilged boat!!! :eek: SOMEONE STOP ME!!!! :twisted: Ignorance the blessed space between knowing not enough and knowing too bloody much!! 8)
  21. BRIT????????????????? WHO YOU CALLIN A BRIT??? ME??????? YOUR CALLIN ME A BLOODY POM??????????? Wash your mouth out with soap you mongrel!!!! :x Thats it!! THATS FLAMIN WELL IT No seriously! NO! Thats it! Final! End of story! Nothing more to be said!! YOU have done your dash now cobber! :twisted: Why if I was closer Id rip yer bloody arm off an whack yer over the noggin with the soggy end!! then!! THEN!! Then by crickey watch flamin out! Id blast yer boat full of holes with me rotten spud shootin gun (ahem wen I build it that is) then tie yer to yer keel and run up and down the highway without a trailer!! All the while runnin amok with yer missus... mmmm bedda forget that one you aint see possumpoop when she looses it :eek: not a good thing :oops: Fair dinkum a brit??? ME???????????? strewth No Craig thats it youve done yer dash mate! Nah no way you can ever placate me... no! I said no way... oooh shyte mate if you wanna send me your boat to make me feel bedda sigh okay then I will take it... BUT HEY!! I AM NOT A BLOODY POMMY!! Egads me mums just turned in her grave with that!! Okay then on a finer point of order here... why is it that all pirates seem to have to have a flamin pommy accent? mmmm? surely there were pirates of many nationalities? there were Canadian pirates and there were the likes of that fella that played in the movie pirates of the caribian Jonny Depp so if he be a pirate there musta been Aussie pirates right???... oh right we were convicts sigh buggar eh! Craig mate... I am an Aussie through and through true blue fair dinkum dinky die Aussie no trace of Pom in me system or heritage... and as much as I love them fellas I canna abi bein mistook fer one of em! tis just not on jock! Oyster... mate no worries got the emails and heck I can see how worried by it you are!! :wink: As for the stern thing... mate I want one on this wee weekender I reckon it would be the ducks knuts!! :cool: John... mate time is all it takes and writing... copious amounts of writing will help get the pirate lingo down pat!! :cool: As for getting it all together... you are talking about me???? cant possibly be talking about me!! I AM NEVER TOGETHER!!! But yeah with the humpyhoochy for the wood storage :cool: the sea container for the finishing room :cool: :cool: and now finally the sheds arrived for the tools :cool: :cool: :cool: hopefully if I can rope all the boys together for long enough we can get it up over the next week before I buggar off again :roll: Sadly theres a shift in the employment paragrim again and theyre now offering me a take it or find another job transfer and shift change Im sorta at me wits end deciding what to do... they want me to transfer to New South Wales to a mine at Cobar somewhere out in the never never and the shift will change which is really whats making me wince here from 2 on 1 off to 4 on 1 off... I dont see enough of the missus and hoons now let alone if I fly over there for 4 weeks! It would mean a shift in timing of the retirement to a mere few short years instead of a long few years as the moneys over triple what Im presently getting for the same work Anyway thats something I will work throu Your choice is a nice wee boat mate Noyo is nicer but there you go different tastes... oh and I still drool over the only pic I have left after the flood of Bolgers St Valery!! man I can see one of her in my future :wink: Well mate youve come to a good welcoming forum where your questions will be answered in a flash and people are always ready and willing to help assist encourage and enjoy your build :cool:
  22. Aye tis a worthy wee pirate ship ye be buildin there yer swab an all be welcom ere at Capn Franks priate harbor fer sure fer sure :wink: As for GlenL and their designs... Ive had this wee fascination for the Noyo Trawler for some time now can just see me out there at the 5 mile reef droppin the crayfish pots overboard and settin a half dozen lines an sittin back the wee put put motor chuggin as I trawl along... aaahhh the dreams eh? Still an all the Weekender won out... but then even if I was only going to build a ruddy canoe... mmm I think I done did that??? oh right I did duuuhhh and that was while I was a member here just didnt yarn as much then as now... quiet silent type I am... as you all know :roll: Anyways where was I? oh right!! Ive presently got four boats in progress all at varying stages the weekender Atkins Valgerda and 2 Wee lassie canoes... Weekender at the stage of sorting some space so I can put the bum on her and completeing the wheel and deadeyes... the Valgerda at the stage of standing the frames on the keel and steam bending the tiller... the canoes well the moulds are up!! no strips cut yet nor the stem peices either... but hey!! the woods there for them!! :oops: This is probably... no definantly the nicest forum Ive been to on the net... sure others have a lot more info and a lot more fast and furious threads but then they get the trolls too by the dozen!! this place is just like a nice quiet tropical harbor where weve each hoved to and are resting for awhile till the next ebb tide and fair wind arises 8) Mike? Im still cogitating on how Im going to get a fantail stern on a weekender!! Any ideas how Id go about it? Cheers!! Oh and welcome John!!
  23. aaahh so now a thread on glue... I was wondering the other week what glue to use on the keel and stem... but couldnt find a single thread on it... so not having any of that two part stuff thats spoken of in the plans I just bunged on some white pva glue screwed it together and crossed fingers!!!... so far so good... mmm well shes still a long way from getting water on her... and a long way from finished... mmm an summers almost here... and we get FLAMIN HOT down here for the next few months Wonder if it will hold???? damn! and here I was content to just do it and ignore it!!! :twisted: well I am plannin on covering the lot with epoxy at a later date!! 8)
  24. ooooohh I love that!!! "Work interfers with real life" Presently Im workin 2 weeks away 1 week home been this way for several months now and am presently looking at 4 on 1 off as the moneys better but its further away like the other side of Aussie so for the 7 days off I will only get 5 since the other 2 will be flying to and from site... as I said better money like triple what Im getting now doing the same job so retirement will come quicker if I go there... just a few short years verses a fair few short years Im getting things done... very gradually!! The keels done and waiting the bottom ply is done and waiting... the wheel is done well other than putting together and varnishin that is... and the tiller is done mmm well other than steam bending it a tad and varnishing it that is... the missus new sewing centre thing is half done and waiting... Brie and Jacintas new cupboards are cut out and waiting... Joshys new wardrobe/desk thing is cut out and ahem waiting... and Tiffany and Bens boat cradle has ground to a major halt!! bloody ply wouldnt bend around the flamin base!! gggrrrrrrrr so Im on the prod now for a cot instead! I have somewhere around 20 different projects on the hop at one time... I figure Im pretty organized since if I get a hold up somewhere I can just move on to something else... if I get a moment or two theres always a little job to be done I havent mentioned the house as I thought we were just alking about woodworking boatbuilding things... ah well the house... lessee levee banks still being built new bridge being built deck out the back being built verandah around the front to be built pergola around the side to be built gardens to be re-established bathroom to be renovated totally gutted actually and rebuilt but hey thats another story... and then theres the bedroom that needs new floorboards new doors to about 4 rooms plus new wall paneling to replace the broken ones from the flood... Sigh... Now I dont ever expect to get these finished just started would be good... I do take some chunks of wood with me and Ive got a few hand tools out there that I use when I want to make something while Im gone... but mostly I get home and its frenzy time!!! :twisted: By the way I get distracted very easily... not terribly focused I must admit unless I do my narna then I get things done but usually that takes her highness having a go at me... but we have this understanding I dont tell her how to use her sewing machine and she doesnt dictate what job I do!! yeah right like that happens!! :roll:
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