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  1. I have always used this kind of hoop - it works great. notice I swagged the clip on the hoops and when it is pulled taught by the sail, the swagged piece naturally pulls away from the mast. Never had any problems... a.
  2. adla

    Sailing game

    hey Dave - lots of stuff taken...not good. And it sets me back...quite a ways! Property damage and all kinds of problems. Wanted to have the Birder material ordered...but lost a cell phone 2 weeks or so ago and then this! SOB is luck I wasn't home or that I didn't arrive home while he was here...I would have shot him I'm really very nice, but I have my limits. I think I have my groove back in the race! a.
  3. adla

    Sailing game

    I probably wouldn't have sailed so far off target but my house was robbed the other night and I have other things on my mind...back on track now! a.
  4. someone needs to renew the domain name
  5. adla

    Sailing game

    if we were all in the same boat this wouldn't be as much fun! Here I go trying to head upwind again! Arghhhh! a.
  6. adla

    Sailing game

    I have discovered that they had WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands...the postulations are never-ending, circular, and absurd. I would wager that not a single one of them had a decent hobby. a. I need the desktop icon.....
  7. adla

    Sailing game

    GEEEZ! I know! you would think I could get the hang of this since my job is to sit and read and write and use the computer! But I've been giving my self a crash course on German classical theory *bleck* for tomorrow morning's class AND all it has done for me is put my in irons! no stinking mercy. a.
  8. adla

    Sailing game

    Ken, I had a pretty good lead until you got wise and set your alarm. I must have been stuck with my nose in the wind for hours last night. a.
  9. adla

    Sailing game

    I was following Dave closely until I slept through a portion of the game and missed a fateful tack...which put me going the other way! hehehe There is no sleeping in this game!
  10. Gosh Oyster - that is an awful lot of reading for someone that is just learning....and Ooooo I am excited about this boat!
  11. Got my plans! Now I just have to learn to read . ... .. . .. ... ! As soon as the plywood gets here I will be in business. I will post my progress. a.
  12. ;D ;D ;D Ok - maybe I could have phrased that differently. I am quite excited about the build, and as usual, even more excited about using the paddle boat out at Lake Mead. I hope I am not too ambitious to think I could have it done to tow behind Morgaine at BEER. a.
  13. adla

    Sailing game

    I thought I had taken the future wind into consideration and everything. But, alas - my boat just went kaput! I've been watching today - since I am back and able to check in more often - and I think there is some slippery wind changes and lee movement or the forecasts are wrong. Or maybe I just think I am in my weekender - where lee movement is common...sometimes I can gain more ground sideways than forward! hA! ;D a.
  14. adla

    Sailing game

    it doesn't pay to sleep! twice I have found my boat drifting because I foolishly believed that it was ok to sleep during this race! a. ;D
  15. I am very excited to announce that I have just concluded the most pleasant *phone* ordering experience with B&B Yachts! Carla is wonderful. I have decided to build the Birder 2 after much agonizing over a variety of other shapes and designs. I am premature in my posting here since I don't have my plans yet, but I wait like a cat with baited breath! a.
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