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  1. I bought the standard foot rests and brackets from Kidzu Craft. I understand how to install them but I have concerns with the little screws in the soft cedar stringers working loose over time. I plan on rolling the kayaks quite a bit and I'd hate to push a bracket out of a stringer and have to repair it with the skin on. Anyone have experience with these brackets? I'm thinking about re-enforcing the screw locations by gluing in a harder dowel rod nut and bolting. thoughts?
  2. Almost. One more wrap around the outside and then two small ones for the lip. I'm also putting a thin veneer wrap on the inside so the cheeks look more integrated to the design. Next, I need to build a rabbet plan for a wood chisel to clean up the inner edges.
  3. More progress. Laminating takes time Laminating the cheeks didn't buy me much other than the grain following coaming lines. To save time, the next one might just have solid walnut for the cheeks. I'm undecided. This one has a sudo random alternating pattern while the second one will be nearly all walnut with two lines of maple . Second kayak is almost ready for a frog shot too.
  4. The other end of my backyard is a runway! Now I'm jealous. What do you fly? I just sold our Cessna 170 but we're restoring a second.
  5. These should be plenty strong and not just aesthetic. Laminations are every bit as strong as a solid block of wood, if not stronger. So once these are glued into the laminated coaming, I dont expect them to ever break free no matter how much force I put on them.
  6. I thought it'd look better if it was all one uniform piece. I might make the second coaming cheeks out of solid walnut to see the difference. That's the advantage of building two boats at once
  7. This photo might help to see how I'll cut the cheeks to fit into the main mould.
  8. Not sure how to best explain my thought process on the moulds but, here goes: I wanted the knee braces to follow the same lamination curve as the coaming but they are a different thickness than the coaming. The knee braces will be 1/2" on the inside edge and 1" on the outside edge. The 1" side is the part that laminates to the coaming. The coaming is 1 1/2" tall. So, I needed to make moulds for the knee brace cheeks. I'll form the cheeks first and then they will fit into the main coaming mould to fill in the voids cut out. That will make the main mould the same shape as the original c
  9. Frog One Was actually done Monday but I havent had time to pull it outside. Second is on the strong back. Lashings begin tomorrow.
  10. I can't do anything by the book. These coamings are going to take as much time as the whole boat. But, the jigs are done. The idea is to build up the cheeks on the outer jigs and cut the curve that matches the main jig. The cheeks will then be transferred to the main jig to continue the lamination. IF this works out, I might have to do a full write up on it.
  11. My 10" band saw with the stock blade doesn't exactly resaw 1.5" maple very well. Instead of waiting for a better blade, I decided to use the table saw. Lots of waste But the boards are cut. The thick one (1/4") will be used in the cheek laminations since there are no real bends. Tonight I cut the jigs and start glueing.
  12. Since I'm laminating my own coaming, I thought I'd add some thigh braces as well. Here is a tracing of the stock coaming with the cheeks added. The lines are 2" apart for scale. Since the coaming is 1 1/2 inches high, and I need to lace the fabric on, I can make the cheeks 1" thick at the coaming and taper them to 1/2" at the inside edge. To make them more a part of the coaming, the inner most layer(s) of lamination will follow the cheeks as well. It will be a tight interior bend at the front so it will need to be thin. In the middle of the drawing , you can see a sectional view of t
  13. Very good points. I wasn't looking for a particular endorsement of a re-design but rather a confirmation that I can't simply put a smaller coaming on the boat without moving the masik frame and moving that frame entails other design considerations. Moving a frame can certainly change the shape and strength of a boat but I didn't think moving the masik frame aft two inches would change the design of the boat in a considerable way. because that frame is three pieces, it's the easiest to adjust when relocating too. It might be simpler to work out a keyhole coaming as the goal of a smalle
  14. If I make a smaller coaming, I should relocate the masik accordingly?
  15. I have the first Ravenswood lashed (FROG forthcoming) but I'm a little confused about coaming location. Does the front of the coaming overlap the masik or should it rest on the frame at the rear? If I make a smaller coaming, will that change the location of the masik? A picture is probably worth a thousand words, if anyone has one. Cheers,
  16. More progress. Each knot seems to take about 4 to 5 minutes but I'm getting faster. Found a use for my old sailing gloves. My skin does not stand up to the artificial sinew. Years of computer work has soften me. It's 90 degrees outside and thunderstorms all weekend. I might have this tied up by Monday morning and ready for the next one.
  17. Moved everything to the living room (love my wife) and ready for some lashings. Trimming and tapering the stringer ends will be tomorrow. Laminated coamings this weekend and then an week's evenings of lashings. Extra stringers are for RW#2.
  18. Both kits arrived yesterday. Parts look great! Next step, make some stands to hold the strong back. 3 hours to make both stands to include a 6" height adjustment as I made them too tall. 1x4 knotty pine glued and screwed. LUCKILY, my wife is a saint and is allowing me to build them in the living room to keep her company in the evenings.. Hard wood floors and a good little shop vac should keep me out of the dog house with the saw dust.
  19. Congratulations! I really like the paint scheme. Might have to borrow a rendition in different colors.
  20. All stringers are finished as of yesterday. I'm counting 25 hours for both sets. 10 hours last weekend, 2 hours each night and 5 hours yesterday. 25 hours might seem high but it also includes set up(making scarf jig, PVC clamps, experimenting with the router, beer drinking) and shop clean up each night. I think that's more representative of the task for home DIY guy living in suburbia. A week of evenings. Home Depot now carries maple and of all things, walnut! Q. Is walnut viable for a coaming (1/8th inch strips) or a masik? I was planning to do it in maple but the walnut is
  21. Thanks. I didn't realize that when I ordered the kits. Do the delux kits come with the masik? If not, is maple a good wood to make it from?
  22. I like that. Looks like a fun little project and will work perfect to clean up the coaming.
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