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  1. I'm going to strip out the hardware, and try to sell it. I wanted a skin on frame boat SO much. Not sure if I should build with 3/4 ply or just bite the bullet and buy a plastic boat.
  2. Im fat. I acknowledge this. But at 6'3", 280 lbs, with a 40 inch waist, I fit into a Vardo. The boat floated and paddled like a dream. I loved it. But I have had her out 4 times and have now cracked three different frames of a build following Jeff's plans. I do NOT fault the plans at all. I used what was sold to me as "Marine Plywood" from a boat building specialty supplier. Obviously there is something wrong with the plywood. My warning is this: if your ply is not exactly as described by Jeff, USE A HEAVIER GAUGE or WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN GET WHAT HE SPECIFIES. I have wasted months of effort and hundreds of dollars in materials building a boat I cannot paddle. I'm heartbroken.
  3. I'm sorry Jeff! I didn't see it posted! I would happily have purchased from you. OTOH, the source I found sells hollow back, and in one foot longer length for only $2 more per stick. I'll be interested to see how it takes the bends in my Vardo's keel.
  4. You are more than welcome to come to Buffalo and take a paddle in my Vardo. I'm 6'3", 275 lbs. and It's a snug, but wildly enjoyable boat for me. Send me a pm to get in contact. I think if your daughter is handy, you are probably right in thinking that there are many steps she can do while you are at work, esp. once the stringers are all assembled/scarfed. Good Luck!
  5. Was looking to source hollow back brass stem bands. Found a vendor called Stewart River Boatworks. Four foot lengths for $20.00 per. If/when they arrive I'll post photos to give folks an idea of quality.
  6. Sent email to your website store. Thanks Jeff!
  7. I bought the plywood from a boat building specialty supplier in Buffalo. It was sold to me as "Marine Plywood." Was I taken advantage of?
  8. Let me try again to post pictures of the cracked frame. Re-read your answer more carefully. As you think I could leave the cracked frame in place, would you be good enough to send me a template for the new frame to sister in?
  9. I will try to post pictures from my computer. When I try from my phone I get an error message. The break is right in the middle of the starboard floor board on both dies of the frame, and clear through the middle. I thought the frame was resting on a launch cradle, supported from underneath. I was leaning on the coaming, but put some weight on it as I tried to get in the boat ( I weigh 275) Apparently the frame was not resting on the cradle. It flexed down and cracked.
  10. That's the exact frame that cracked! I had stepped on the frame, but thought it was supported by the launch cradle in which the boat was resting. In retrospect, I guess not ...
  11. It was 1/2 inch Marine Ply. Sistering in new frames is an interesting idea, one I had not thought of. I could even sandwich the existing frame between two sisters, glue them together then drill pilot holes and screw them together in both directions. BTW, I tried to upload pictures, but I keep getting an error message.
  12. I am almost exactly your size. My Vardo fits me fine. But be warned, I just cracked a frame getting into my boat. I am unsure if the limber dimensions are sufficient for clydesdales like you and I.
  13. While launching my Vardo this evening I heard a loud "CRACK". I looked down, and saw a crack in the frame that holds the floorboards. The crack is visible on both sides of the sheathing, but is not displaced. Can the boat be salvaged without re-skinning her? I got to paddle her all of twice! I'm heartbroken. I'd take pictures, but the angle is bad, and there is not much to see, as the pieces are still in place. What's the community's opinion? Wrap the frame with heat activated fiberglass tape? Or bite the bullet; cut off the skin and put in a new frame?
  14. Hi Ben! Yep, I'm paddling on the Buffalo River, right near the Ohio Street bridge. Pretty serious wind and current, but the Vardo swims like a champ!
  15. So incredible. She is so light, she paddles with almost no effort. She tracks straight, and I'm getting only the tiniest bit of seepage. Maybe 1 cup after a 30 minute paddle. The techniques all worked. I'll do some decorative painting, but she's done and launched. Thanks for all the help and encouragement. I can't wait to start my next boat!
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