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  1. Thanks for the response Jeff - will resend my email for third time! ..........just sent RW
  2. Hello Jeff Been trying to contact you by email to discuss this briefly before I order my polyester but getting no response. Is your email jeff@kudzucraft.com not working? Pretty well ready to order so appreciate a response Regards RW
  3. Thanks for the response Jeff; can never understand why US postal service is so expensive
  4. Thanks for response Jeff. When I put it through the calculator on your website for 18 ft of 9oz polyester it quoted $81US for the fabric and $92 US for the postage. Is your figure above by air or sea?
  5. I am from Orange NSW Australia. Can anyone please advise me of an Australian source of untreated polyester fabric suitable for SOF kayak - unfortunate sourcing from US is a bit cost prohibitive
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