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  1. Way to go, Graham. When I built SUSAN G. my plan was to do roughly the same trip and wind up in the Ten Thousand Islands area. Unfortunately, my P-22 was much more boat than I ever became a sailor and the opposition from the home front grew to the point the dream became an impossibility. I will follow your every step, with much envy, all the way and hope your journey is safe and enjoyable. If course, you could sail a partially submerged log there and back, but CARLITA should make this a fun trip. Tony Day
  2. Funny thing happened last week -- I sold my P-22 Susan G. There comes a time in a person's life when he (or she) has to take stock and adjust everything accordingly. After much thought, I decided I needed to let Susan G. go if a good home could be found. Through luck and a call for advice about building a P-22, I sold mine to a great guy who is all the sailor I will never be. I could always get my boat to go where I wanted, but that was because of the fine design of the P-22 and through no skill of my own. I hope I can continue to drop by Graham's boat shop and see what's new or maybe watch Allen film one of those high speed videos that have made him famous. I will continue to enjoy the smell of wood fresh off a block plane, and to paraphrase a war movie, I love the smell of epoxy in the morning. Tony Day
  3. Gayle and I are very pleased Carla is doing well. Not surprised, though. Woe be it unto anyone who would be foolish enough to tell her otherwise. Spunky as she in in a small package, it will be interesting to see her when all this is complete and she winds up 5 ft 9 in. Tony
  4. Rick, I will bring SUSAN G if I get the chance to spruce her up a little. Every so often these boats need some bright work refreshening and this is the year. What we need is this winter to end so we can get into SPRING. Tony By the way, REAL men sail P22's.
  5. Rick, When and where do you want us to be there to set up? Tony
  6. Guys, I am going to have to back out of this one. SUSAN G. is ready, but the captain is not. I have been at the Cape in 20 KT winds and rain -- it is NOT fun. Also, I have no real foul weather gear and no plans to get any. If things change for the better I might see you Saturday. Tony.
  7. Nick, I will bring my P-22 if you want. Let me know. Tony
  8. I am planning to be there with my P-22. It's beautiful in the Beaufort area, so any route you plan will be OK with me.
  9. Rick, I will be there with my P-22 "Susan G." if everything falls into place. I hope to see you there. Tony
  10. I just spoke with Graham and everyone in the B&B family is OK. He had some water damage at his house and apparently a lot of damage at the boatyard. which had a lot of water in the buildings. The big boat under construction was moved around in it's building but was not damaged, the small boats (Southern Skimmer, Marissa and Amanda) were tossed about by high water. Most everything can be recovered. He still has no power either at the shop or at his house. Tony
  11. Matthew, Yessir, you can use either boat as a camper, I have a P22 and would not hesitate to trailer it and say aboard in a campground. There are a couple of issues -- the P22 sits high on the trailer (it's a big boat), so one has to be able to climb into it. Some of us are more horizontally challenged than others and this could be a concern, but a boarding ladder would help. The other is the folding masts. Even though the hatch is designed off center, both masts go across the hatch when folded, blocking around one third of the opening. As the builder, you will be accustomed to climbing in and out and this will be a non-issue, but anyone else in your party may have a problem for a while. The weight location on the trailer is also not an issue. The P22 is designed to sit on it's keel while on a trailer. Trailer bunks merely balance the load. I recently had my grandson visit for a week (5 weeks old at the time) and I had the chest cold from hell at the same time. In order to not infect this child and incur the wrath of God any another people in the house, I spent 7 days sleeping in my P22 while it was on the trailer and under a shelter in my back yard. Comfortable bunk, pottie, locally rigged air conditioning using convenient shore power -- what else could you want? Tony
  12. Scott, If that Mr. Buddy heater is the propane unit like I have, be ready top get wet. I don't know how it will behave on the Ohio river, but while cold weather camping on the Bay river in NC I discovered these heaters will cause your cabin to sweat unless really well ventilated. When the sweating starts, it is just like rain. The higher you turn up the heater, the more it rains until you figure out this is a never ending cycle and EVERYTHING in the cabin is soaking wet. I had to cut it off and only use it while attending to personal hygiene matters and with the main hatch half open.
  13. I am planning to be there with my P-22 "Susan G." and all are invited for a ride to teach me how to sail. Since I live relatively close to Mesic, my wife will come and go as dictated by the weather. Looking forward to seeing everyone, it's a great group of people.
  14. Scott, this sounds really interesting. Please post some pictures so we can see what you have.
  15. I have to jump in here, as you finally got around to something experience has taught me about. I used hundreds of latex gloves while building my P-22. I bought them locally at Sam's club and would only use them for a short time before getting a new pair. I have tried the nitrile gloves from Harbor Freight (have one here in my town) and find them to be really poor in comparison to latex. These nitrile gloves will soften and tear easily with exposure to epoxy from either RAKA or Graham (use his, it's cheaper). I am a sloppy builder and need to learn to reduce waste (and my waist) myself, but I will never take the cheap route when it comes to protecting myself from potentially harmful chemicals.
  16. I have a Pocket Cruiser I need to sale in eastern North Carolina. I recently built a B&B P22 and now the PC sits unused. While not built of marine plywood, the boat is entirely glassed and constructed with epoxy. It was built in 2001 and has a polytarp sail I made, which was still in really good shape the last time I used the boat. The boat needs paint and probably a new sail. Probably a new name, too (named after my mother-in-law -- long story). I can't match the "almost free Weekender" in the last thread. My PC is on a really nice trailer with new radial tires and I have to get market value for that. At today's prices, the trailer is worth around $1200 and I will settle for $1000 for the whole shooting match. 252-258-4387
  17. I will be there with my P22. Planning on Wednesday thru Monday, but that could always change. Tony Day
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