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  1. Hey guys, I hate to burst you bubble, so to speak. But, there is no reason to re-invent the motor mount. This is a mount offered by West marine. $124 USD for a mount that handles up to 10 horse outboard motor. $134 USD for a 20 horse. Here's the link to the page: http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&productId=72753 Bob
  2. She looks fantastic!!! It also looks like your first mate was very happy with the results. Congratulations. Have fun. Bob
  3. Brian, I had origanally thought of putting a triangle shaped hunk of blue foam in the forpeak in front of the bits, but run into problems finding the blue foam here in South Florida. What I intend to do is use a 12" mooring bouy that Dad happend to have stored away. I'll put it into place and inflate once I have it in position. The other possibility is to use a floatation bag sold for racing dingy's. I also stuffed 4 pool noodles behind each seat back in the cockpit and plan to mount more to the lazzarette floor and in the forepeak area. Bob
  4. Tom, here is an alternative to using epoxy to make that fillet at the keel/bottom joint. Use wood and bondo. We made a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" coaping with a 2 5/16" radius to put in the joint. This is not a structural piece so we made it from a pine 2" x 6" x 10'. We ripped the 2 x 6 into 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" strips and then cut these diagnally into two triangular pieces. We then ran the widest side over the table saw at an angle to cut the radius. We glued and screwed this to the keel and bottom. It looked like this: We then used a 1 1/2" block with the radius cut the same size as the Compact Disk to lay in the Bondo. Doing it this way the thickest layup of Bondo was only 1/8" thick. The results looked like this: I then cut a foam pool noodle into 9" lengths and rapped it with 100 grit sandpaper to finish fairing the Bondo. We overlapped the keel and bottom pieces of fiberglass so that this has two layers of glass to protect it. I figure the total cost of making this fillet was about $18. $6 for the 2 x 6 and $12 for the gallon of Bondo. I used a full gallon of Bondo over the coaping. I can only guess how much epoxy you'll use to creat this fillet completly from epoxy. Of course I'm building the Vacationer, so yours won't be as long. Oh, we used a 5" radius to creat the fillet at the stem/hull side joint. Bob
  5. Hi Charles, Southern yellow pine will work. I used Douglas fir for mine. I'm not sure what Knut used. There is no place structurally on the boat that you'll want to use white pine. Home Depot down here has the douglas fir but only in 14' lengths. Did you check all the independant lumber yards? That's usually your best bet for finding good lumber in lengths you will need. It will also be of better quality than at the box stores. I couldn't find 1x material in 20' lengths called for in the plans so I used 16' and scarfed the keel. I bought all my lumber from Shell's Ace Hardware and Lumber here in Miami. All my screws came from Bosun' Supplies here: http://bosunsupplies.com A good supplier of Weldwood Plastic Resin Glue is Wicks Aircraft supply: http://www.wicksaircraft.com The glue is on page 12 of their internet product catalog. Fourth item down on the left. You can also get the glue at Ace Hardware. If they don't have it in stock they will order it for you. Personally I liked the stuff from Wicks better, plus it's cheaper even with the shipping if you by it in a 5 lb. can. Just my personal prefrence. Good luck on your search for lumber. The process of finding materials, supplies and hardware is like a scavenger hunt on the internet. Bob
  6. High C those prices where for the 3/8" eye nut. I was just stating that I had used a 1/2" on the Vacationer. Dad paid $16 for an 18" wood auger bit at HD to drill the holes in the stem. I used 1/2" solid stainless rod and cut the threads on each end for the nuts. Bob
  7. HighC, here's what you need. You can pick one up at West Marine for $19.99 or From Bosun Supplies for $7.64. Here's the Website for Bosuns if you would want to order one. I ordered all my stainless fastners from them and the eye nut is what I used on my boat. 1/2 inch or course. http://bosunsupplies.com This is the page with the eye nut: http://www.bosunsupplies.com/products2.cfm?product=S0321 Bob
  8. Chuck there is a Vacationer (Saralee) owned by Craig Gleason in Fort Walten Beach and a Weekender being built in the same area. As an added bonus, our resident sail maker Paul J. just moved into that area as well. Here's a link to Craig's website: http://members.cox.net/bb343/index.htm Here's Paul's website: http://ultasail.com Contact Craig and he'll have the name of the person building the Weekender. I'm sure he'll be willing to go for a sail some time as well. And, your always welcome if you make it down to the Miami area. Bob
  9. Ok, Dad's got the atlas with him in Indiana and not being from Florida origanally I have no idea where Crestveiw is. If your close, your always welcome to come by or call for advice. Knut built the Weekender so he would be the logical first choice, but of course I'm always glad to show off my Vacationer. Speaking of showing off, I love this shot. Bob
  10. The SoBig virus works in such a way that it picks up your e-mail address from the address book of an infected computer. Not yours. It then uses your address to to spread it's self among other computers. The fix? You've already solved it by having an up to date anti-virus program. A firewall is highly recommended. This is a virus that has infected someone elses computer so the problem really isn't on your end. The other possablity is that you have been hit by a trojan horse virus that comes from and e-mail sent to you and it sends your usser/screen name and browser password to the origanator who then uses them to send out spam. I've had this happen to me. The fix? Change your password often. The virus doesn't disrupt or hurt your computer, just steals your info. Bob
  11. Robert Cox


    Uh, that's not me he's talking about. Wonder who that could be? Bob
  12. One thing I learned long ago. If it's not going to be finished bright, mark it. Something as simple as "This side up or This side out" works real well. I've still got pencil and magic marker tracks in the cabin that have yet to get painted over. I usually go so far as to mark it as going on the port or starboard side. I use a lot of PA, PB, SA and SB to mark my pieces. Bob
  13. I really hadn't thought about it before now, but, if you can make the thumbnails as big or small as you want then you could make them big enough for us young-uns to see without clicking to the larger view. While, the older-uns can click to see the larger view. Just might be the answer we're looking for. I have nothing against trying anything differant. If you want to try the thumbnails for a while, then I say lets do it. As you say, you can always change it back. :wink: Don't matter to me. I don't have problems posting pictures as it is. 8) By the way, the above picture is 504 by 336 at 72 dpi. Bob
  14. I used Douglas Fir stringers and had to be careful not to sink the screws clean through the plywood. I usually found that when I started stripping screws I needed to change to a new bit. The old one was getting worn. Bob
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