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  1. You may find it much easier to forget the scarf joint and just but sections together with something like a 45 degree cut. Use something like 5200, 4200, or even epoxy to make a nice fill in the joint. Double screw the pieces close to the joint. Gary
  2. Remember Dave's "I Miss" Just what your talking about. http://pages.sbcglobal.net/djf3rd/page20.html We must do what we can to remember and even restore the art. Gary
  3. Greg, For small jobs the dedicated mortiser is not worth the money. Make yourself comfortable at the bench and enjoy the hand work. For bigger jobs including chairs with a lot of mortises then they pay for themselves. The bench top models may work for you but check into the reputation of whatever models your looking at. Some tend to be underpowered and won't work any better than the drill press. Being underpowered is probably the downfall to most drill press attachments. I use a Power Matic that rolls around to where I want it at the time. It seems to do quite well and is very versatile. I still like doing small jobs, a few moritses, by hand. Even using the dedicated mortiser takes a bit of cleanup work by hand but does save a lot of time. Don't buy the cheepest but the strongest more powerful ones that you find. Gary
  4. Tim, If the lumber your selecting and storing is already dry or kiln dried Doug Fir then you don't need to worry about painting the ends. If its green lumber then you might want to do so. Won't hurt anything in either case. I use a waxy preservative on all the lumber that I mill and have air drying outside. The name escapes me for now but it goes on looking white and is clear when it dries. Any old paint will do though. I use four stickers for lumber 8 to 10 feet long and would say spacing them perhaps 3' on long pieces would be good. Keep the stickers lined up so the weight transfers down to the base or whatever your stacking on. Yes, put them between each piece of lumber. Good Luck, Have fun. Gary
  5. Oyster, Thanks for the posts and quote. I certainly didn't agree with every thing he said but as you say there is still a lot of common ground with anyone who builds boats or works in wood. He did good. Best to his family. Gary
  6. GPorter

    Rolling along...

    Very nice, I like that keel to bow line... Gary....
  7. Gunkee, If you can come up with an approximate weight , one general rule of the thumb is 25 to 40 lbs/hp. The 40lbs/hp would be the minimum. There are some new high tech two strokes that give you good hp and economy such as Evinrude's ETEC . These motors weigh less than the four strokes. Gary
  8. Mike and John & all, The website gallery sounds good, give me a bit of time . You can also find quite a bit of info and photos on the fishyfish site www.fishyfish.com/tolmanskiff.html If you click on the photos like say the one on my boat then it will take you to many more. John , your right, that is my boat in the middle which is now being bought by my daughter and her husband in Anchorage. The nice new Jumbo is Craig Floerchinger's boat which is very nice. Neal Schlee from Anchorage also has a very nice Jumbo., he makes CNC kits for the Tolman hull now in any model you want. His site is www.skiffkits.com As with this group, the Tolmanites are a great bunch of folks. I think John is the only one here that I have actually met, perhaps not, but looking forward to meeting more of you. Thanks Gary
  9. What design are you building? Seems like a lot of hp for 22' but don't know what boat it is your talking about. The weight of the motor may decide the issue for you. Hanging say a 200hp motor on a bracket aft of the transom might tend to help balance out the boat compensating for the weight. If the boat and or transom is beafy enough to handle the weight then it might be a bit cleaner that way. If so, then a dry well would be a good choice. Are you considering any type of kicker and where is that going to mount if so? Gary
  10. It always seems like an accident like this should not have happened but the fact is that it does and it does not mean that anyone was being complacent at the controls nor does it mean that anyone was at fault. Sure, the lawyers will make the case that someone or another failed to see the traffic. From a couple thousand feet your looking at hundreds of square miles of various colors which make for camoflage for other aircraft. Your job as a pilot along with watching the engine gauges, headings and flight instruments is to keep an ever vigilant eye out for another 20' airplane in that expanse. Cessnas all travel at over 100 mph. It all happens too quick and with the given number of people who fly in Alaska its just going to happen. Sad when it does but thats the way it is. I've lost several friends to mid air collisions and carried one friend to her grave, thats hard but I wouldn't want to take the freedom of flight from them and I'm quite sure non of them would want to give it up. It is very sad for the families and friends left. Good Luck to all. Gary
  11. Mike, I think I'll be missing the show this year as well... Don't like that but thats the way its looking. Yes, I know many of the Tolman builders and I know Renn well. I am a Tolman builder and have sold two of them and am starting on a 24' Jumbo now to sell. Well I've sortta started but won't really get at it hard till fall. Mark, thanks a lot for the invite, we might just make it out there. We'll keep in touch on that. Gary
  12. Mike, thanks for the offer, sounds good but I'm not sure we can make it this year. We normally make the Homer Wooden Boat show and we belong to that group down there but looks like we might not even make that this year. Would like to see your boat/boats sometime. We do get down to Anchorage and Home quite often. Thanks for the welcome Gary
  13. Mike, the accident happened in the Palmer area which is about 60 miles out of Anchorage or so. There will be an investigation of course but as Mark says there are a very large number of small aircraft flying in this state and it is just bound to happen once in a while.. Very sad. You won't here about all the successful flights. Gary
  14. Greg, Do you know what Mesquite it is you have? Black Mesquite is good for mallets etc. and does turn well. I think most any of the Mesqutes will work well for the parts your talking about as well as quarter knees etc. There is a company in Texas that speciallizes in Desert style furniture and I believe he uses quite a bit of it as well as live oak. If you find any black mesquite of any size , well, I'd sure like to get a hold of some for mallet work. Gary
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