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  1. keen long time since we talked . All I can say is Wow. The metal work is awesome.
  2. awww keen . Been a crazy summer here. My daughter got married, my son had our first grandchild and we will be expecting another grandchild soon. If that wasn't enough for the first time in my life I began working for myself. It has been 4 months now. So I work when the jobs come in and in the near future if work becomes slow I will dedicate large chunks of time to the boat. I have been given orders from the wife to complete the boat before grandchildren get too old. LOL
  3. Keen I have to hand it to you .... great work.
  4. JP Life has been busy. A wedding for my daughter , a first time grandfather ( from my son ) and I am now self employed all happening this summer. When the work comes in "I have to make hay while the sun shines" . I have not given up. Keen to be building again has past me and you will probably will too LOL .
  5. Looking great Keen I am not sure I want to show the wife the center or side console of the OB20 that you are doing...... Would definitey throw a wrench in my plans That bow roller set up is sweet. I have no problem displaying one on the states...... Just saying
  6. At a point where I will be glassing the inside of the OB20 Think I seen on Miyots boat he added wood vertical blocks between the stringers and bulkheads. He then fileted both corners. This will definitely double the epoxy required for the vertical fillets. I do not have pictures of the Stringer construction on the OB picture cd. The drawings as best as I can tell specify 1/2" fillet. Are the wood vertical pieces overkill? If it is usefull to add wood ...... what would be a good species for this ? Southern yellow pine ? Cedar? i have some small pieces of mahogany around? Thanks
  7. She was flipped last Saturday. Went without a hitch. Is what it is. Time to move on.
  8. Had to take her away from home. There was no way I was going to spray awlgrip at home. I really wanted a sprayed finish at least on the hull sides. The color is Awlgrip H 4368 Sea shell green
  9. Russel Nice work. What color is that on the topsides ? Awlgrip seashell green ?
  10. Thank you Trev I have been following your build as well. Not much to report here but the temperatures are going to start being in my favor for painting. That stuff is nasty in the garage. Prime, longboard sand . Prime longboard sand arghhhhh . chasing the hollow spots .... all epoxy primer I have all the confidence in the world to follow Grahams waterline location. I am thinking of at least getting one coat of bottom paint on now ( or maybe both) while she is upside down . Is this the right approach ? I have heard good things about petit hyrdo coat for my intended area. it is ablative and friendly to boats w/ bunks. Then paint the sides. Make small adjustments w/ boot stripe later . Would I be better off w/ the bottom paint too low (under the waterline slightly ) ? I would think i could always scuff topsides a little and add bottom paint as I probably will end slightly heavier than graham designed. Always looking foward for advice. Thanks
  11. keen Your work looks very clean. The reflection of the hull is stunning . Not distorted. WOW
  12. Sacrificial keel added, hollow back stainless shaped and eye hook drilled. Priming progress. I am not keen on drilling many many unnecessary holes for the hollow back..... Anyone have any ideas 3m 4200?
  13. Been so long since I posted. Transom glassed, corners taped, bottom glassed , sides glassed.
  14. Greg Here is the link to my build. I did not purchase the kit but I am sure I would be much further along if I had. This is my first build also. If you google "Outer banks 20 Bacon" you will see a great blog. There is someone on here also keen2buildagain from Austrailia. I am sure he will chime in as well. http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/8765-outer-banks-20-24-progress-thread/ I cant say enough good things about Graham and Carla. VThey have been very helpfull to a "ham and egger" like myself.
  15. Fishman Looks great ... Still in the midst of my build >. you did good real good
  16. After messing around trying to make the okume plywood look nice w some solor lux alcohol base dye stains and having a few mishaps and burning through the face veneer.. I decided to resaw some old mahogany we have had in the garage to 3/32. We then adhered the whole panel using our patented vacum system wink wink
  17. Moumental day in my build. Last plank went on at 11am . Pushed her outside to spin her around so I can prep the transom for glass. Trying to build a 20' boat in a 20' garage is a challange but you got to work with what you got. Thought it would be a good time to clean up and blow out the "boat shop". If I can glass her while cool springtime temps gives me time to lay up and then paint before humidity gets too high (summer). Starting to reserch paints . It will probably be either interlux perfection or system 3. I am leaning towards system 3 as its not such a high gloss finish.
  18. Just read this ..... Will be pulling for the both of you up here. I remember when I bought my plans Carla said "Welcome to the family" Well since I am part of family I care and hope for the very best. Prayers going your way
  19. Finally made some progress. Cold garage or kerosene fumes are the choices I make. I am happy with the sizes/ width and angle of planks. Like Graham wrote somewhere.... once you see it as your planking you see what makes sence.
  20. I sent it as a private message. Keep up the great work
  21. Dad comes over every Saturday and we work on boat. Hes 80 years old now but he has hands of gold. Always has . Unless there is a serious crisis going on everyone know this is "our time". Do I know when she will be finished? Nope. Am I stressed about it ? Nope .Are we enjoying the journey ? Yup
  22. Probably a couple weeks away . But food for thought before I get there.... I am nearing the end of side planking on the OB20 (maybe 4' from the bow) I have used fairing to fill staple holes and fill any imperfections and fair as I go along. I plan to radius all sharp edges an to get as"fair" and filled as best as humanly possible before even purchasing glass. I am a research freak . But I am looking for direction on applying the glass to the Hull . I have watched U tube and have downloaded Gougenon book online but I am looking for more specific info on plywood boat finishing. Can someone walk me through the process of wetting down hull? 1) 80 grit to prep hull? 2) Should I cpes hull and let dry ? then let glass rest on hull to "relax" then fill the weave ? I plan working alone so I dont want to put the glass on "wet" 3) I understand the directions on the drawings where the chine gets overlapped twice (overlapping by the glass from bottom and side) . I will purchase material long enough and wide enough to glass the boat in 5 glass pieces. 2 for sides 2 for bottom and 1 for transom. 4) I dont want to paint the transom. I want to show wood like "princess" (Chicks build) . Does it matter if transom is glassed first or last? Or is the thickness really not an issue to feather in in the sides and bottom (assuming transom is glassed first) 5) Should I glass tape all plywood intersections before cpes and large glass sheets ? meaning side/transom bottom/transom bottom / bottom at centerline ? 6) How much to "fill the weave" ? do I not totally fill the weave and then use fairing compound ? do I fill the weave in several applications and use peel ply at the last application? I thought I read somewhere that the glass is stronger when its not totally filled ? I am really confused .
  23. Wderry I live in northeast CT and am building Grahams Outer banks 20. Regardless of what you choose I think building a boat w/ your son is probably one of the best ideas you can have. I will be 48 years old and started my boat alone.This is my first build My father who was 79 and started to help me and became hooked. He is here EVERY Saturday and we work on it together. I too was concerned how long it will take as I enjoy boating and fishing. Somewhere along the way I started to "enjoy the journey" . I am not building the same hull but you are more than welcome to stop by and see the jig and the building steps/procedures. I hear from friends and family all the time why i just didnt buy a boat. I just tell them i set a long term goal for myself. In this fast paced world we live in a long term goal has become a month for some people. If you look for OB 20 #24 you will see my build. Send me a private message and I will help any way i can>
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