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  1. Thanks for sharing your work, that's definitely an interesting design. How did it paddle vs your expectations? 100 miles in 1 day or over 2? Quite the challenge either way.
  2. Nice idea; quick, simple, and easy to retrofit to an existing coaming. Have a question, not regarding the braces though. Noticed on your flickr page that you'd built a SOF with an internal skeg. How did you seal/glue the skin around the skeg opening?
  3. Took my kayak out for her maiden this past Friday. Everything went great, did a 5 mile jaunt and I'm a happy camper! Boat's a little higher volume than I was expecting but very responsive. Tracks well but still turns easily.
  4. Beautiful kayak, the combination of the the colors and wood trim give it an Art Deco feel. Very nice work. No PFD's in sight though (I'm with Jeff on this one, especially after having practiced self-rescues with and without one) Harvey Golden's museum is still open, stopped by there in August, well worth a visit.
  5. Now that our daily temps have dropped from the 100's back into the 90's I finally finished oiling the frame and installed the floors. FROG time! Was starting to wonder if I would get to this point by summer's end or not. Will install footrests this evening and then it's on to skinning. Frame weight is 27 lbs even, was a little surprised by this as I didn't think I'd added that much weight. Wood was really dry and did absorb alot of oil on the first coat; used almost an entire quart for 1 coat vs my son's Shad where we did all 3 coats from 1 quart. That and two partial stringers plus an extra frame might account for most of it.
  6. Just a little update, only 4 lashings to go and we can come off the strongback and get to oiling the frame! Spent a long while looking at the peaked deck and decided to do something different, we'll see how it looks after it gets skinned. Love the sheer's upsweep toward the bow, which I think my new deck will accentuate. Doesn't look like I'll be splashing her by the end of the month like I'd hoped but the skinning should be done by then.
  7. Looks good, seems like everything works. Just put in an order with no problems on my end Now you can get back to the fun stuff, like paddling!
  8. Waiting for Jeff to comment on his coaming design also. Have been looking at aftermarket thigh hooks that you could anchor into the coaming but would prefer an elegant looking solution in wood. Been thinking along the lines of Robert about a shaped plate with minicell foam glued to the bottom. Noticed during the last kayak class I took that the spray skirt plays a large part in keeping you in the boat. Kayak I was using had thigh and hip braces, with no skirt you still popped out quickly if you went turtle. Went to using the skirt and you were in the boat till you reached forward and pulled the loop to release the skirt from the coaming. Al
  9. When we were building Shad we found the end frames would be pulled out of vertical by the weight and length of the bow and stern pieces, probably because we mounted the brackets to 1X2 material. To compensate I braced each end about 1/2 way down the bow/stern frames with scrap to hold the end frames vertical till the stringers were lashed in. Al
  10. Any ETA on the 8 oz fabric, noticed the store says out of stock?
  11. Very sleek boat, looks great!
  12. Thank you both for the info, just what I needed. On the #6 screws, are they pan head screws with a flat washer or wood screws with the cupped washers ( I think they're called upholstery washers?). Figured toggles on the back deck would be best for holding a paddle securely, will do that and bungee on the front deck. Al
  13. Lisa's built what, 3 boats, and you gentlemen 11 and 12! Need to increase my production a little I think. Have a few hulls in mind from Harvey Golden's book I'd like to do as fuselage frame in the future but don't think I'll get over 6 or 7 total kayaks, unless other family members get the bug and want help building.
  14. Well, a few questions actually. Looking for recommendations on line sizes and materials for painters, perimeter lines, bungee material, and the nylon webbing. Also what size screws to anchor the webbing to the gunwales. How stout of a mounting system is the webbing/screw combination? Reason I ask is my son and I took a rescue/recovery class this weekend and these are things we'll be practicing on most every outing to get our skills up in varying paddling conditions so the deck lines will get alot of use. Thanks for any help/suggestions, Al
  15. Started putting together my kayak after a winter of lofting, cutting out frames, and scarfing stringers. This'll be my second build, did my son's Shad last year and I'm doing Jeff's Nimrod design for my own kayak. Will start lashing tomorrow and hopefully hit the water by June.
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