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  1. This might work??? http://www.ebay.com/itm/REALTREE-AP-UNCOATED-900D-POLY-OXFORD-CAMOUFLAGE-FABRIC-HUNTING-CAMO-60-BTY-/221497348324?pt=US_Fabric&hash=item33924550e4 Ed
  2. Jeff I used to water ski. I find it too hard on my back. It's all downhill here. Ed
  3. I guess you guys don't ski. Ed
  4. Jeff Space for the router is a real issue. You would need a cut area of 5x5 so it would be at least 6x6. Then there is the room required around it. I find it difficult to walk away when it is cutting. I like to watch. I do get some sanding done Ed.
  5. Jeff and Gary Jeff and I had an email exchange a while ago about a cnc build. I haven't started yet but I have a few observations. First if you are going to pay someone to cut out the frames you are wasting your money. You might as well pay Jeff . But if you have your own machine it would be a good experience. I plan to make one this year. Now someone like Jeff who makes many frames it would be ideal. Also the time saved overall in the build would be quite small. Ed
  6. I wonder if Professor Corey has heard of crowd sourcing? Ed
  7. What about a scotchbright pad? They come in different grits. Ed
  8. I did a google search for "baltic birch plywood detroit" had had 20 plus returns. Most within 30 miles. Try Plywood detroit 13250 Stephens Rd.586-755-4100 Ed
  9. You might try Aircraft Spruce for thin high quality plywood. http://www.aircraftspruce.ca/menus/wp/plywood.html?UCOUNTRY=CAN Ed
  10. Jeff I just bought your first book with metric offsets. copyright is 2011. Are the offsets for the curlew version 1 or 2? Ed
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