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  1. New stitch - new video

    Jeff What type of stitch/finish is under the brass and where did you find the brass strip?
  2. A Kudzu Craft Mess-About event??

    Sounds fun! That's about 8 hours for us and about 10-11 for woodman. I am starting a triple build for wife, daughter and self and hope to have my wife paddeling with a little more confidence by next summer which would likely be my first opportunity to travel/ paddle.
  3. Old 8 oz poly is back!

    Great Great News!!! I'll be keeping an eye on the store!
  4. Getting close/recycled poly

    Concerining the steel wool fibers. I waited until the paint was well dried before using and was able to just brush the fibers off.
  5. Getting close/recycled poly

    Just a thought but have any of you tried steel wool to soften the surface instead of sand paper?
  6. Fabric prices

    Jeff I also would be willing to pay $7 per foot for 11.5oz poly. I want something that will last for a very long time and I think that 11.5 poly would do so. In fact I will be needing skin for my daughters boat soon!
  7. Simulated canvas(?) fabric is here.

    Hey Jeff do you have any 24" wide boats that you can stretch a piece of that around to see if it is enough???
  8. Simulated canvas(?) fabric is here.

    I watched your video on sewing it on and gathered that the only restretch is if there is mild damage. Have you tried mild reheating to fix the dimple?
  9. Simulated canvas(?) fabric is here.

    Thanks for the clarify! Jeff how wide of a boat will that skin cover?
  10. Obligatory FROG photos

    I'll be in big trouble because I break the rules often!!!
  11. Simulated canvas(?) fabric is here.

    Skin brother we be needin skin!
  12. Kayak in the Rafters

    H are there any mom and pop type sporting goods stores in your area??? Same theory!!!
  13. Shad kayak being built in Twin Cities, MN

    Would removal of a small amount of wood from the bow piece be an option? In order to get a more natural alignment and bend of the keelson??? Beautiful boat though!
  14. Ever Considered a Folding Yak?

    For getting the skin tight try taking a look at a newer Jeep with a soft top. The spreader that is used to tighten the top could be built of wood and metal and placed in various locations throught the boat.
  15. Half finished Curlew

    Beautiful boat for display!

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