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  1. Hi all, The Lil Diva hull has not progressed much since my last posting - I have been far too busy on a new project at work, and also took a month off to visit some of the USA. Awesome trip, with my only regret that I couldn't get up to visit Graham. Next time...... Currently the Lil Diva hull is still waiting for the foot brace pieces to be fitted before I put the deck on. The little hull is cute, and lines are sweet. I have started building a Grand Diva as well - the butterflies are cut out and being joined - resin drying as I type this. Will be 3D after this weekend. Those 18' panels are long and floppy to handle! I intend to progress the building of this Grand Diva quickly to the stage I am at with the Lil Diva, then complete both the Divas together, just like when I did the 'Twins'. I bought a digital camera while on holiday, so will be able to capture the building process 'on film' a lot easier and faster than before. I hope I can post pictures faster than before.... Once these two are complete, I'll get borrow one of the original Divas and photgraph all three of them together. Regards, Chris.
  2. All right, all right, keep your hair on, you impatient wood carver.... Progress to date has been slow - too many other factors taking my shed time. However, the inside of the hull has been sanded, the seams filleted, taped, smoothed and resined a couple of times. Next step is to mount the seat supports and I'll paint the insides - the same as I did with the Twins.
  3. bwb


    Hi Steve, You'll love your Diva - I built built two and they are much loved by their owners, and much admired by anyone seeing them. I'm in the throes of building the prototype of a 13' 'Lil' Diva', which will soon be followed by an 18' 'Grand Diva'. If you can get hold of Australian Amateur boatbuilder magazine, over two issues there were articles I wrote about building two of them at once: 'Twins'. The same articles are reproduced on the B and B Yachts website. I have also published a few photos in an album in this forum, and have been really slack about posting more, but I will do so eventually. If you get any queries, then give me a call on (07) 4975 6719 or email ccsb.spooner@bigpond.com Anyone else too, for that matter, that wants to chat about Divas or other boats/construction, feel free to drop me a line or call. Regards, Chris.
  4. You will note now that I have worked out via some complicated mathematics, and a set of bathroom scales, that only two work benches are required to support this Lil' Diva hull. Just don't ask how I got the hull into the bathroom to weigh it........
  5. Nemo wrote : How many sheets of ply do you need for the Lil' Diva? Answer : None - I have plenty already. Seriously though, only 3. Two for the hull, bulkheads and coamings. One for the deck. Construction is progressing, hull is complete and getting sheathed now. Photos will be posted in due course, but I promise far more quickly than the Diva album took.
  6. Hi All, I've finally managed to get some photos posted in an album in the gallery, of the Diva kayaks construction. There are only about a dozen photos so far, following the progress from cutting out through to a completely laced hull. I'll add more photos next week, with the final pictures being the finished kayaks. Graham has kindly sent me a set of the new Lil' Diva plans, a 13' version for small adults and children, and also a set of the 18' Grand Diva plans. I have the Lil' Diva under construction - right now it's a complete hull all glued and ready for the seam fillets and tapes. I'll post photos of it once I've finished the other album. This is the first Lil' Diva to be built, and I feel honoured to be building the prototype and road testing the plans. I will build the Grand Diva once the Lil' Diva is finished. Watch this space! Cheers, Chris.
  7. Graham, Thankyou very much for the package that arrived in the post today. Two sets of plan, no less. The Grand Diva and the 'Lil Diva are going to be started this week. I can see that these three Divas are going to be in great demand, based on the number of enquiries about them. If I get much more interest I'll have to become a full time kayak builder! Thanks again Graham, and I'll keep you posted as to how they develop. Nemo - eat your heart out, I'm cutting ply again...... Chris.
  8. Sorry Tom, that last post was meant to be addressed to Tim. Chris.
  9. Tom, Just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons, have you looked at www.scruffie.com? They have a range of old fashioned looking sailboats - I like them so much that I actually have one of their 24' Scintillas under construction right now. (Mine is to be named Scintillation) Their 18' Stornaway cabin version would be something like what you are looking for, and they would send a kit to you. Their 16' Scruffie could have a cabin added, but the 18' with cabin seems perfectly balanced in looks to me. I've built their smallest, the Shimmy, for a client, and can vouch for a comprehensive kit, everything supplied and a great looking and terrific sailing boat when complete. It wasn't difficult either. My father, aged 70 something, was so impressed with what I built and how they sailed, ease of rigging, stability etc, he bought a kit for himself and had it sent to New Zealand. His is just being painted now. Enough said, just go and have a look at the Scruffie Marine site. Chris.
  10. Happy New Year Graham, I'm all set to take on another kayak or three. The ply is stacked in the shed ready to go. If you send me the Grand Diva plans I'll make a start on it, and send me the Baby Diva plans as well and I'll give it the test build. At last count I have a total of 23 Divas of various sizes to build - subject to testing of each model of course. It's going to be a busy year or two!!! Cheers, Chris.
  11. Graham, I have just ordered a stack of 4mm ply - the challenge to you is whether you can deliver the Grand Diva plans before the ply arrives. Just kidding about the challenge, I'm too busy working on my current project to use the ply I've ordered. I'm putting the ply aside until this project is finished, and by which time the plans should be to hand. There is a lot of interest in the baby divas, and one quite firm enquiry for a Grand Diva. There's going to be Divas up and down the East Coast of Australia at this rate! Cheers, Chris.
  12. I used a flat backed oval shape of aluminium on one small sailing boat I built, and the designer of that particular craft specifies it on all his designs. The edges of it I faired onto the stem and keel, after glueing and screwing it on. It looked fine, and stopped a lot of dings in the wood. I even have one on my current project, a 24' trailer sailor which is also from the same designer. I feel it is an important piece of protection, and I would include something of that nature on all my sail boats. Regards, Chris.
  13. Nice job on your boat, richenry. I have the plans for a 10' 'single piece' version, and I intend to build it soon. I hope mine will look as good as yours. I reckon your oars will be fine - I had 2 piece oars on a previous dinghy, and the connectors were a black plastic (nylon or PVC?) material - I am not sure which - but they lasted me a few years, took a lot of abuse and were still fine when I sold that boat. Being stainless steel however, yours should last forever! Chris.
  14. bwb

    Diva photos

    Hi Ric, If you haven't already done so, go to the B and B Yachts web site, and read the two parts of my article about building my two. The articles are called 'Twins'. Graham has set them up as pages to read directly from the site. There might be some info in them that helps you, especially in the second one as it covers that stage you are up to now. Regards, Chris.
  15. Hi Guys, Just chipping in with a comment about something I once saw on another US boat builder's site. The builder had finished his interior surfaces with a product called Flow Coat (flo coat?). It was an epoxy type paint that went straight over you 1st or 2nd coat of encapsulation epoxy. The finish was stunning - very smooth and glossy - just what you want inside lockers, heads etc. It brightened up those dark areas, and with such a smooth finish was an easy 'wipe to clean' surface. On another tack, our local epoxy manufacturer has a couple of pre-coat ply treatments. One is a type of thinners called TPRDA which stands for Timber Preservative Reactant Diluent Additive. This is mixed into the epoxy and used as a first coating on the ply. Helps the epoxy soak into and seal the wood fibres. The other product, Timberdure, is a 2 pack very thin epoxy which soaks into the ply more than just plain epoxy. Epoxy then just goes on straight over the top. I've used the Timberdure, and it doesn't stiffen the sheets as much as plain epoxy. I Timberdure coated the whole sheets, then cut them out, joined etc. to make the boat, and then epoxied them once they were complete. I used that method to build a couple of small sailboats and they turned out fine. You should have similar products available in the US. Regards, Chris.
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