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FreeB12 FROH photo

Action Tiger

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This smart phone coerced me onto the web. Then I found the FreeB offsets and kudzu site and forum.

This is not my first rodeo.

I will post a picture when I put some clothes on her.

Thanks for the offsets.

When I figure out the store, I'll buy some stuff to repay you.

By the way. FROH is no typo. Frame Resting On Horses. Got no grass...

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I normally get wood from a local small mill, not lumberyards. I happened to be in one with my son, and found a perfect 2×10 someone wanted to make into a deck, or something worse. We saved it and made a boat. And then fixed the fence.

The boat looks great, can't wait to see it skinned. I was in the lumber yard today and found a piece of 1x6 clear spruce. I had to do a double take because there were no knots in it. It's nice to make a find like that... And build a boat out of it!

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Update: coaming form done, but no suitable coaming wood on hand. Too short!

Trip to mill next week?

Racing another Iron Man in a little over 8 weeks, so training and resting a lot.

Kudzu Jeff will be the first to know when skinning is imminent, because I will have just purchased some recycled poly.

Another couple of weeks, folks...

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I didn't take any pictures while I built, so no photos.

I cut the stem profiles out of poster board chunks oversized in every other direction.

Then I clamped them in the proper attitude onto the stringers.

Then I traced the stringer edges onto the poster board.

Then I drew a stem shaped thingy using the stringer lines and precut profile, cut it out, and used it as a pattern.

I may have done it wrong.

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