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New boatshed


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I'd want the necessary climate control to work on things during all seasons.  I'd want a high ceiling with an equally high door, really good lighting and lots of electrical outlets.  I'd make the shed at least twice the width of the very biggest boat I'd build and I'd leave plenty of room at the front and back to get around the ends of the boat.  A concrete floor might be nice but it would come after all the preceding.

At least that's where I'd start - Then when I saw that my building space wasn't big enough I'd start making all the usual compromises ;)

My shed is just a modest metal building without most of the aforementioned comforts.  One day I'll install A/C cause it does get a little hot here from time to time.  Maybe I'll get a dust system, too.

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The most important thing I'd build into it would be height and the largest doors that would fit in the wall. 20 feet of unrestricted height would be best, but that's probably dreaming.


The next most important thing I'd build in would be a gantry crane heavy enough to pick up and move the hull and keel of, say, a Dragon. 1-5 tons is probably enough.


After that would be enough light to require sunglasses at midnight, then three phase power and finally six inch dust collection poured into the floor.


After that, I'd be ready to build anything.

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I really like a few design features of my workshop. I laid insulation (pink) foam on the concrete floor, and then 3/4" T&G plywood overtop that. It makes it really nice for working all day, and much warmer in winter. I have good airflow, and double doors in front. A PTAC unit and 12 4xT8 fluorescent tube lights create excellent working conditions. I agree with the gantry crane idea, but didn't build that in. I have a patio next to the shop with a deck umbrella (10 ft, square) that cantilevers over a workspace. This patio way more than doubles my workspace when the weather allows, and has the added benefit of dust collection being unnecessary. I do routing, sanding and cutting out there when I can. 


I've moved away from using a table saw, and have invested in a track saw system which means breaking down sheet goods is simple (and accurate.)

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