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  1. I really like a few design features of my workshop. I laid insulation (pink) foam on the concrete floor, and then 3/4" T&G plywood overtop that. It makes it really nice for working all day, and much warmer in winter. I have good airflow, and double doors in front. A PTAC unit and 12 4xT8 fluorescent tube lights create excellent working conditions. I agree with the gantry crane idea, but didn't build that in. I have a patio next to the shop with a deck umbrella (10 ft, square) that cantilevers over a workspace. This patio way more than doubles my workspace when the weather allows, and has the added benefit of dust collection being unnecessary. I do routing, sanding and cutting out there when I can. I've moved away from using a table saw, and have invested in a track saw system which means breaking down sheet goods is simple (and accurate.)
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