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Where are the postings here?

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I think this is an excellent place for tool related postings, rather than scattered hither and yon in the boat forums. Scott's thread about that 8 1/2 x 11 sander would fit here and I bet there are a lot more threads. Then we could use them for resources later.

Just my opinion.

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There certainly are postings that are not in the "best" section of the forum considering their content.  Often though they are a tangent of another topic and especially if the oringinator of the original topic is interested there is good reason for it to continue there.  This forum is definitely a wealth of information, but I am not sure it should become a reference tool.  I think people should consider a search before asking questions. I often wish new members would do this.   Not so that they don't ask the question, but so they ask it better.  A forum is a living thing, it is a process. Sometimes, more than anything else, that is what makes it helpful.  I think you are right Greg, that some topics found else where really belong here.  But I don't think I will lose any sleep over it.

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