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Cabinets from deck lumber and a two post circular stairs

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We got to swapping building stories on the B&B forum and I was asked to post pictures of an apartment I built a couple of years ago.

All this lumber that looks like maghony is really 1x4 porch decking sold at the local truevalue for about $1.30 a running foot. Don't know what it really is, probably a meranti. It is clear but has a lot of variation in color which I like because it it makes it look old. I finished with Penofin.

The stairs is a circular stairs but with a double pole. But you never saw one like this before.

The tub has no shower curtain. It is not needed as the rainforest head pointing straight down does not splash at all.







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d*mn nice work! The cabinets and countertop look great. And that stairway (reverse spiral?) is fascinating. You're right, I have never seen anything like it. How did you come up with that design?

It was out of necessity the same place most ideas come from. The orgininal idea was to have a ships ladder but then we decided to make the 10' cupola that gave us a real room upstairs so a ladder seemed a little out of place. The reverse spiral was the only way I could move the stairs off to the side and still give head room. Needless to say I messed around with the design for a long time before fitting it in.

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  It looks like the time spent messing around paid off.  The stairs and the rest of the place look wonderful.

  Did you coat the copper countertops with anything?

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