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c17 main mast is stuck


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I'm putting my C17 away for the winter and I am not able to lift the main mast out of the boat.  I was able to pry it up about a half inch by using the sail track as a purchase point for a lever.  I'm hesitant to put too much pressure, however, on that aluminum sail track.  Not sure about the cause.  Bottom cap to the mast has perhaps swelled up due to moisture? 


Has anyone experienced this before?

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Update: used some lubricant and another crow bar arrangement and was able to get the mast out. Culprits are either the wood plug or some screws that have worked themselves out a bit. With regard to the plug, that might be my fault. Prior to the season I had put a layer of fiberglass with epoxy  around the outside since the plug had cracked. I will try to sand some of that off. I will reset the screws as well so that they do not come out.

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