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Build of hull #24

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Well things have moved along nicely I glued the stringers on all 4 hull panels using a tent with a space heater over night worked out nicely, after removing the blocks and rounding the corners I am ready to glue the side and bottom panels, after dry fitting a pair of panels together I did have some problems with the joint at the bow. No matter how much I tried to bring them together they would not tighten together. looking past the stitch seam the area just behind was butting tight and not allowing the stitch seam to come together so I removed a little material with a block plane to bring it together after trying this process several times I got it as close as the rest of the panels allowed because at this point the first square cut stitch was hitting hard against its matching notch. After blocking the stitch seam down with the glass tape and epoxy I moved my attention to the 95 11/16 “ dimension at the back of the boat, now that I have done it I found that the stitch seam at the bow really does set the distance at the back of the boat.with just a little pressure I was able to bring the 95 11/16”%to 95 3/4” and that’s all I’ll say about that. Tented the work area and left a heat lamp on to keep it warm. During the previous days I did work the transom center doubler and bulkhead #1 doublers in anticipation of going 3D in a couple of days.











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Looking good Mark!


I found the interference you mentioned in the bottom-side joint and made a correction in the kit file. When we adjusted the hull panels to account for the neutral axis bending of the side panels the shape changed slightly. This won't effect anything going together. It's always nice to see measurements come on right. I saw it over and over with my kit but it remains a happy surprise that doesn't get old. 

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