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Mayfly Launch

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So I got the canoe out for a test run, just checking for leaks, no leaks.  I just got myself and my 8 year old in for the test run.  Observations: if I only have myself and Lily in the canoe I need to sit in the center to keep the front from sticking out of the water... probably want to bring ballast with me if I expect to sit in the back when I take the kids out by myself. 

Going to take my husband out in it today... he's not so sure how it will handle his weight, before this we had an 87lb 12ft fiberglass fishing canoe, so this seems a little delicate to him. Before he knew me he'd never been in a canoe.  





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Just looking out the window at the snow coming down and dreaming about canoeing in the spring.  We took the canoe all over the place this summer, we even got in the ocean around the 100 wild islands https://www.100wildislands.ca/

Completely finished it's a little under 60lbs... more than I'd hoped for, but I can put it on and off the van by myself, the length is more trouble than the weight lifting it.  I may have put on too many coats of spar varnish, the hardwood in the deck pieces, and the choice of floor boards could have added weight.

It paddles the best with more weight in it... when I have a light load (just me and a kid or two) I have to sit on the floor in the center so that one end doesn't stick out of the water.  

Some changes I'd like to do this spring: Carrying handles at either end.  An attachment for the figurehead my father and I carved, and a double ended paddle for when I'm the only adult in the canoe.    


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