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Outboard flushing

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The Betsy Lee is in in a small marina close to our home. After the recent cold spell the water has been shut off at the marina. Still plenty of nice days to enjoy on the water, but without a water source, I’m trying to figure out how to flush the engine.  The Yamaha 90 has a hose port to flush the motor. If I carried some fresh water, say 10 gallons, to the cabin top, would gravity provide enough pressure to flush the engine?  A future project is to install a wash down pump, but  I’d still have to carry fresh water. 

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Here is a Hull Truth thread  about flushing without access to water. 



I would think that flushing the engine through the flush port needs pressure to do it effectively.  If earmuffs were used to flush with the engine running the pump would provide pressure.  That might be tricky to do in the water.

You do have a fresh water tank, can you run a hose from a faucet to the motor? 

I have a wash down pump that can pull water from my fresh water tank.  

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8 hours ago, Chas231 said:

Still plenty of nice days to enjoy on the water, 


Our nice days are gone.  We are back to below freezing in the daytime.  I could see if the Bluejacket can be a good icebreaker.


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A simple overboard live well pump submerged in a five gallon bucket will work well with alligator clips on a battery, if you have them in the cockpit region. Rig a quick disconnect on  the flush out hose bib with the shut off in line and then just use a male fitting to the female quick disconnect. I actually have one that remains on the Simmons Yamaha, zip tied to the controls instead of screwing it back onto the dummy fitting on the engine.

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Speaking of flushing motors, I see the sun shining and there is some hope that this messy winter may be on the wane.  LIZ needs to be pulled out of the boathouse, washed outside and de-mildewed inside as well as flushing and cranking the Yamaha.  Then there needs to be a launch, gassing up and taking us for a cruise through Core Sound and down to Cape Lookout to see if the Banks and horses are still there.

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