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Photobucket got you down? Use Google Photos free.

Frank Hagan

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Photobucket recently went to a paid model, and broke everyone's existing photo links. They charge over $40 a month now. 


messing-about lets you upload your images to our server, but if you want to use a photo sharing service, you can use Google Photos. It's free, with unlimited storage, but has been hard to figure out how to link to the photos. This video shows you how: 



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I'd like to update my Penobscot rebuild threads so the images actually show again.


That said, I have 460 images, and I'm not looking forward to editing my posts one by one.


I have the photos liberated from photobucket, so the filenames can stay the same.  Is there some way to upload the lot of them to messing-about and rename the links?


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