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  1. Hope you are having a great time Graham! Looks like you are making good time.
  2. The real question is why can't it be fixed???
  3. I have been wanting an 8" jointer for some time and finally ended up buying a new Shop Fox W1741. I looked for a used older Delta DJ20 but no luck. So far I have been impress with the machine, the beds are flat and parallel and it is very easy to adjust the infeed bed. We have an older DJ20 at the Watercraft Center in Beaufort and the Shop Fox seems to be smother operating than the DJ20. The Shop Fox has a 3hp motor and 4 knifes vs the DJ20 with a 1 1/2hp with 3 knifes. All these machines including Delta are made in China now and I am pleased with the quality of the Shop Fox. I was a little skeptical at first because the Shop Fox was 1/2 the price. I was disappointed in the leveling screws on the mobile base. They use nut inserts for the leveling screws and I popped one out while trying to unload the machine out of my truck. I called Shop Fox and they have sent me some washers and nuts to attach some new screws. I was wondering if anyone else has purchased one of these machines and what their thoughts are on it? Phil
  4. That was me and the other wooden boat was a buddy of mine from Alaska. We were planning on running up to the Neuse today and decided to turn back before we got to Tidewater because it was blowing to hard. We did run up Brices Creek to the Wildlife landing. I volunteer at the Water Craft Center on Saturdays in Beaufort and had planned on taking my boat to the show this year but my brother decided to get married that Saturday. live right down the street in Deer Run and drop in Merchants all the time. I have been doing woodworking for a few years as a hobby and have built about 80% of the furniture in the house. If it isn't blowing tomorrow we plan on going out again, give us a holler if you see us. Do you build Hydro Planes? The guy that helps me at the boat shop on Saturdays use to build Hydro Planes.
  5. This was my first build and if I knew better when I started I would have built a BRR, but it is what it is and I don't know what I can do about it now and I am pleased with the way it handles being it is a non plaining hull. When I get the money saved up my next boat will be a plaining hull. Right now I am trying to finish the modifications so I can get it back in the water this weekend and have some fun.
  6. I never thought about building up the motor bracket, what would you use to build it up?
  7. She handles very well and and 17.3 knots was with a passenger. I built the boat mainly for fishing and didn't install a center board trunk. The weather is very warm down here and I am hoping to get back in the water this weekend and see how she preforms with 4 people. I can't wait to get back in the marsh and catch some drum.
  8. I have been breaking my motor in and the best hull speed I got was 16mph with a hand held GPS. The motor I have is a Suzuki 15hp 4 stroke long shaft. I took it to Graham Byrnes Saturday and told him that with the motor tucked in water would come in over the transom, when I kicked it out it was a little better but the bow was way up in the air. Graham decided that we should raise the motor on the transom about 1.25". This made made a tremendous improvement. I can now tuck the motor in and the water stays out of the boat and I am now running 17.3 knots per the chart plotter that I installed. Needless to say I am very pleased with the performance. When I got back to the house Saturday I started making the modifications. I will have to include the pictures in two post because of the size.
  9. I have attached some pictures when I first launched my BRS. I was getting about 12-13mph in these pictures and in one of the pictures I have concerned expression on my face. The engine kept cutting out and I later found that dummy me had forgotten to open the vent on the tank.
  10. Everything handled very well in my opinion. I hope to get the engine broke in soon and then I want to take to Graham and get his opinion.
  11. I was going to use a 9.9hp but bought a 15hp because I got a Good deal on it. I don't plan on sailing this boat and wish I had made it a planing hull but so far at 1/3 throttle I have gotten 14mph per a handheld GPS with 3 people on board. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get on the water.
  12. I just just launched my BRS17 in November. This was my first boat build and I used 10 oz cloth on the outside for peace of mind. I will be using my boat for fishing and I guess it made me feel better that I had a little more protection on the bottom. I also added a stainless rubrail on the keel.
  13. Sorry about the previous reply my attachments made it but my reply didn't. I haven't gotten use to the new layout of the form. Your trailer looks in pretty good shape. I live on the coast in NC and built a 17' Bay River Skiff last year. I searched for a used trailer but most that I found were in pretty bad shape. I ended up buying a new 16' Load Rite galvanized trailer for $575.00. I launched my boat on Thanksgiving and it has only seen water 3 times. The weather has been rotten on the NC coast this winter.
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