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  1. Thanks Weezer for the encouragement. You sound like my older son; He's busy with many interests and hobbies.
  2. Happy new year. Yes they did. I stood the crate upright in the the garage and wrapped it with Christmas paper. It looked like the monolith from 2001: Space Odyssey except red, white and green instead of black. I asked them to take garbage out so they could "discover" it. We plan on beginning the build middle of April and will certainly start a build log and thread for it.
  3. Thank you for that Ken. I've bookmarked into in my dinghy folder.
  4. Thank you Dave for your insight and wealth of knowledge. And point taken. Please notice that I did in fact do what you suggest...I asked a question. And somebody was kind enough to offer their personal experience. No unfounded technical opinions were presented. Just personal experience with the responsible advice to investigate it for myself. As credible as Ken, you or anybody else around here sounds, anybody should be well advised to remember that this is still just an internet hobby forum and any advice given is just the personal experiences of those offering it. I'll take your advise and please take mine; Remember that we're all adults here so please keep the scolding to yourself. I hope we can let this little sidetrack end here but if you want the last word, be my guest.
  5. Dave, with all due respect (and I mean that), please let grown men have a back-and-forth without the scolding okay? Ken was nice enough to offer a gentle opinion with the advice to investigate for myself if I was interested. I didn't take it as gospel so no need to worry. And I have been told by those I trust that 5:1 is more prone to amine blush. It was advised to use warm soap and water or better yet, peel ply.
  6. I drove out to the B & B shop yesterday and picked up my crate! I had the chance to look around at their operation and pick their brains for info. I got some good tips and even got to spy a sneak-peak at a prototype for a new kit. Now the dinghy coffin is in the garage tucked behind folding tables and ladders just waiting for for me to send my boys out there Christmas morning to "discover" it.
  7. More prone to amine blush too... right? I don't remember where I read/heard that.
  8. Hello. I have a B & B Spindrift 11 build planned for early spring and have been doing a lot of reading and watching. I'm figuring out my epoxy options and of course I have choices of 5:1, 3:1 and 2:1. In any case, I'll likely be using the slow hardener but what questions should I be asking myself and what should I know about the ratio options before choosing one?
  9. This is what I see myself doing. I have a bad habit of putting my body mechanics on auto-pilot if I give my mind an opportunity to wander thinking about the next several steps ahead. I used to load my own ammo and one year I was given a nice progressive reloading machine for Christmas. I couldn't get comfortable just yanking on the lever like it was a slot machine. I would catch myself looking around the shed thinking about other projects. I felt much better focusing on each step by weighing grains and setting each individual bullet in it's shell by hand. I had to go back to my manual Rock Chucker press that only held one die at a time.
  10. Losing count has crossed my mind every time I watch an epoxy how-to video. I know damn well I'm gonna be throwing out batches because I'll have to ask myself "did he fire 6 pumps or only 5... do I feel lucky, well do ya punk?". With two kids asking me questions and music going, I could see it happening. I really do feel like this is they way I wanna go. So you use that chart for B&B epoxy even though it's for a different brand? I guess I could always set up my own weight ratios pretty easy too.
  11. Oh, I got a call from Allen today that my kit will be ready for pick up next week!
  12. Yes, thank you for that. I've seen references to volume vs weight. If using B&B epoxy, I suppose I'd have to hope they could give me the weight ratios because I haven't been able to find out who manufactures their product. Would it though if it were just a matter of bringing cold epoxy up to working temp? I thought the kicking off was instigated by a chemical reaction. This isn't a challenge to your advice. I don't know enough to do that. Rather just an honest question.
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