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  1. Hi everyone, just pulled my sails off (previous owner furled around masts) to get reefs put in. seeing the masts closely I have found that they are short (compared to the current plan, and these are the old sails which I believe are taller.) and the tubes sizes are quite a bit smaller. (60,50,40mm) Because the masts are in no way water tight I got on the thought track of replacing them as per the plans but I can’t source the right size tube here. I can get the 63.5 for the base and a 50.8 which is close to 51mm for the top but can’t find the 57.2 for the mid section, which is kinda crucial for it all to telescope. so I’m wondering what other solutions are out there in Aus and what people have come up with. Nick
  2. Thanks for the reply, good point about trailer-ability. There are a lot of moored boats where we are and not many get used. Also the speed of setup on these boats is great. I can be in the water in 20min but some trailer sailers can take an hour before launching. did you get your boat off a professional builder? Is there some building them in Aus? Also starting to see the skill and technique required to sail a small boat well in all conditions compared to a bigger vessel that can plow on through anything….without the finesse. anyway, love to hear updates on your trips and let us know if you head south! nick
  3. That’s awesome that you found one. Im in Tasmania with what I believe is a MK1. im wanting to do some coastal cruising so was thinking of upgrading to a MK3 but I’m just not sure how much these wee boats can handle. The seas can get pretty wild down here. There is a lot of trailer sailers you wouldn’t take out on so coastal runs here. id be interested to know how far people have pushed their boats (weather and swell wise) I’m still learning the ropes in mine but I can get away from the feeling that it feels like a dingy and not something I would sail around Tasmania. thoughts? (obviously the skippers ability is the the main thing, but this aside)
  4. Great to see another Aussie builder. Where in Oz are you based? I have a CS17 that I bought here in Tas second hand and am about to start a refit and upgrade process. Love to swap notes with you.
  5. Nick

    Hi there, just saw a photo of your CS on a post about painting the centre board trunk. Your centre board trunk pictured was completely closed in and I couldn’t see any ropes anywhere....what magic is this?

    is it a weighted centre board? And how are you raising it?



    1. Don Silsbe

      Don Silsbe

      PAR passed away about a year ago.  I have such a system.  Let me see if I can find a photo.


    2. Don Silsbe

      Don Silsbe

       My c/b pennant runs along the port side of the c/b trunk.  It cleats on the underside of the middle seat.  The c/b is weighted.  The pennant is a 4:1 cascade system that runs along the trunk, making a u-turn at the forward end of the trunk.  If you’re interested in more detail, I’ll have this all apart in a couple of weeks.

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