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  1. It was taken at Mendenhall glacier in Juneau.
  2. I just sent it. After I rig it out I’ll do another shot there.
  3. Haven’t finished rigging it out but really wanted to take it for a spin. I love it!
  4. Has anyone tried createx paints? I’m thinking of using the createx sealer to paint my next boat. I’ve used it for many projects from clothes to metal and it is very durable.
  5. Looks like I’ll be the guinea pig. I haven’t started the build yet. I’ll update when I get to that point.
  6. I have read the issues ppl are having with the 9 ounce fabric. I was wondering if anyone had tried exterior water based paint. If so did you experience the same problem?
  7. I got in and did a close examination on the point I could reach. It looks like it is due to a small knot in the stringer. I’m building a long shot now. Once it’s finished I’ll remove the skin and make sure I use 100 percent clear wood.
  8. It performed very well and pretty much as expected.
  9. Took her out for her sea trials.
  10. it is more pronounced here then this photo suggests.
  11. Same or a bit more then you I think. Seems to be in the same area as well. I also used the economy fabric.
  12. After I sewed the skin on my poco barta I shrank it with an iron. The skin tightened enough that the chine and gunwale bent inward in spots creating a concave shape between some frames. Anyone ever experience this? Is it possible to loosen the skin a bit?
  13. Pardon my ignorance but I have never lofted before and have a bit of confusion with the Poco Barta offsets. All the offsets are measured in 16th's except the stern. so one measurement is 11.75, can I safely assume this is 11 and 3/4 inches?
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