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    Boat building obviously, but I have built several houses a few experimental planes years ago as well as many cars and sand toys.

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I started building Bluejacket 28 #10 almost two years ago. The hull was stretched 30" in the center section and it also has a full width integrated motor mount ski step that adds anouther 26" to length as well as running surface. Total length minus OB motor and anchor will be just over 33'.  The 30" in the center in addition to moving the Aft Cabin bulkhead slightly aft netted a main salon nearly 14' long. My wife and I will be using this Blue Jacket to replace our current RV, so it will see use on trailer also. My goal is that all systems will function equally well on land or water.The head will include a separate shower that will drain in to a grey water holding tank along with sinks. This holding tank will be necessary for use on the trailer. The actual head will be a composting type. The propane will be stored in a sealed vented locker in the transom. I already have tankage and it will be a Moeller 90 gal for fuel and a pair of 36 gal water tanks with longer cruises supplemented by an above deck bladder type tank. I will be powering it with a Suzuki F140A with a 25.5" foot weighing in at just under 400 lbs. installed. I realize this maybe a little overpowered, but this motor is the same weight as the 90 or 115 I was considering and known for good fuel economy. The extra power will come in handy also if we pull the grandkids on an inflatable.  I started on this build in earnest  around Christmas of 2017 and I expect it to take four to five years to complete which is when I intended to retire from my real job .   

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