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  1. I also wanted for twin outboards on the transom of my Bluejacket but truthfully it is really not needed with the ultra reliable outboards out there today. The Bluejacket has a very narrow transom and two outboard would also require an outboard mount vs a motor box. I have decided to just make provisions to be able to use my tender's outboard as a kicker if needed. The Bluejacket is a very efficient planing mini trawler in my opinion and doesn't need a lot of ponies out back to meet it's design parameters. My 10 meter Bluejacket (adapted from a Bluejacket 28) is far from finished but you are welcome to ride up this way and take a look at one going together. I am off exit 186 of 65 north. This is a link to the album of the build so far. https://www.flickr.com/gp/156988461@N07/5Dm02B
  2. ejds, I hope to meet Henry and see you and Pur Dee again at the Roanoke show. I don't know if you remember but I spoke with you for some time at the Georgetown show aboard Pur Dee in 2016.
  3. Sorry to bring old thread back from the dead but though someone interested in this topic might like seeing the way I went with the transom on my Bluejacket. I was originally thinking of having a door in middle but decided I could easily step over if I had good steps built on the cockpit side. I intend to make these steps fold forward for access to main fuel tank and bilge. The 90 gal fuel tank extends back into the lower transom.
  4. I was wondering if anyone is headed to the Roanoke Island Wooden Boat Show October 26. I have been to the Georgetown show the week before and was able to see at least three Bluejackets in the past but have the following week vacation this year.
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