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  1. Wes, Nice video. Looks like a it was a great day for sailing. Wish there was a lake like that around here. And, I'll say it again. You did a nice job on your boat. Randy
  2. O.K., after reading these replies, I probably will forget to lower again(or do something else goofey). Hopefully, it won't take as long to realize what's wrong next time. Randy
  3. Finished building my Core Sound 17 last year and lauched it on Labor Day. First time for sailing on my own. The boat performed great. Had one guy tell me it looked like I'd been sailing for years. Went for one more sail before the end of the season last fall. Today, I took my almost 9 year old grandson out with me(he also went on the maiden voyage last Labor Day) This was my first time sailing this year, and my third time ever. I couldn't get any performance out of the boat. It wouldn't sail very good no matter which direction I went. It would stall every time I turned. I kept getting closer to the dam every time I turned. I was baffled. I really thought I was going to have to drop the sails and row back to the dock. Just as I was about to give up I looked down and realized I hadn't dropped the centerboard. I lowered the centerboard and we took off like somebody started an outboard engine. I could turn without stalling and sail upwind. It would do everything it did last fall. Boy, did I feel like a dope. I bet I won't make that mistake again. Happy sailing, Randy
  4. I built masts as close to the plans as possible. A lot gets planed off to make them round. You might be surprised how much it will lighten up by the time you get done hand planing to make round. I also added blocking where the snotter goes, and also the bottom and top. Randy
  5. I made the masts out of Douglas fir using the bird's mouth method. The main weighs right at 20# and the mizzen is @18#. Randy
  6. Thanks for all the kind words. The mizzen is 19'. Jim, it really became a struggle at times to keep going. I'm used to working on projects that take a weekend or two. I'm GLAD it's done. It really is a lot of fun to sail. When we were loading it on the trailer my 8 year old grandson asked me, "what are you doing next Sunday grandpa"?
  7. Well, it only took 4 years 4 months, but it's finally done. The first sail was pretty uneventful, winds 5-10. Sailed for @3 hours without any problems. Thanks to everyone for all the advice, all very helpful. Randy C.
  8. Gregg, Just by chance(luckily) the first time I mixed the epoxy wrong it failed. I mixed it wrong when I glued the seat stringers. They held fine until I unfolded the hull. When the bow came into shape the seat stringers came loose. I had to take them off(with a chisel), sand the hull and the stringers and reglue. Lesson learned. Since then everything has worked fine. Randy
  9. Gregg, I've used B&B's epoxy for my build and have had good results, except one time. I measured the first few batches in cups, everything went well. The first batch I mixed using the pumps didn't hold. I didn't realize that the 'A' pump measured out twice as much as the 'B' pump. So, when I pumped I gave the 'A' two pumps and the 'B' pump one pump. I had too much 'A' and the epoxy didn't hold. After I was 'straightened out on measuring' everything has gone along fine. Randy
  10. Jim, Your seat gutters look good. I was thinking of putting a small piece of non-slip on the seat just above where the divider is. That way people stepping on the seats will know where to put their foot, so they won't step in the middle where there's no support. Just a thought. Randy
  11. Jim, I was busy posting and didn't see yours. Thanks for the comments. We're at about the same place, except I started mine almost three years ago. I should be DONE!!! I'm more of a weekend woodworker(you know, projects take about a weekend). I tend to lose interest when they take too long, which is what happened. But, I'm back at it and I WILL finish this thing and hopefully will have splashdown this summer. Randy
  12. The first and second pictures are of the deck frame. The third is glueing the mast. The fourth is the decking rough cut(not glued yet). The last picture is glueing the seat tops. I have the main mast tube installed in the bow and about ready to put the decking on. I also have the thwart built and ready to go in after I paint the inside. With any luck this thing will get wet this summer. Randy
  13. OK. Here are a few more. The first is the hull before the stripe was painted. The second is the finished paint job, thanks to my number 3 son. The third is flipping the boat back over, number 1 son and number 3 son. The fourth is back in the cradle ready for interior work. The last is working on the main mast support, with help from my number 2 son. Randy
  14. Here's one. I had to downsize the pictures, they were too big.
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