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  1. Are any of you St John's floaters going to make it to west coast Florida? If yes, home cooking awaits you. We are on the Alafia River of of Tampa Bay and would welcome cruisers. If you can't make the West Coast, I would love to see some live BJs and could drive to St John's. Any one going to be around for a bit? Jeff (a wannabe BJ builder)
  2. Thanks to each for the help. Egbert - I just consumed 1/2 of boss' time checking out your Flicker. Very nice work. Oyster - Do you have a Flicker? Tom - Thank you for the drawings.
  3. Yes, thank you. I am early in planning stage, so I will watch for your progress.
  4. Thank you both for the responses. I did send Tom an email. I really enjoy this forum; much time being spent looking at BJ boats.
  5. Hello, I am a newbie and a future BJ boat builder/owner. But first I need to finish work on my existing 43' Pearson Portsmouth fuel consumer. My flybridge bimini top is shot and I want to build a hardtop. But it needs to be light so it soesn't change the CG too much and due to the fact that it will need to be lowerable as I have to drop it to get under a 15' bridge everytime we use the boat. In the build pictures I see the pilothouse roof and forward deck are Torsion Box construction. I would like to get more information on this technique. Is it part of BJ standard plans? If I knew for sure which BJ I would build I could spring for the plans and modify for my rooftop. Or does anyone have a reference that I could check out? Thanks in advance and I sure enjoy this and the various builders blogs and pictures. Someday I may join thos ranks.... Jeff
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