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    Central California
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    Running on my feets. A lot. And the swimming.
    Wresting vegetative foodstuffs from soil with toil. Playing Gentleman farmer, as it were.
    Art is always happening here. And ukulele music...
    Making the boats.
    Using the boats. Often in conjunction with fish harassment.
    The reading of books. Preferably in the hammock under the persimmon trees.
    Apparently, now, this forum...

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  1. I hate to see you stop posting about your Frolic, but I understand. Please don't stop posting about the build on Duckworks where there's little or no negativity.

    1. Action Tiger

      Action Tiger

      Just saw this. I'm really just making a point more than anything. Sorry everyone else has to suffer for one guy's rudeness, but I have no other real recourse.

      No anger, just disbelief, because 99% of the folks here are awesome. I like this little forum. :)

      And, no way will I stop the Duckworks blurbs. That's owed to Chuck. Hopefully they'll culminate in one about my completing the 200 in her.


      Thanks for the kind words.





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