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  1. Anyone have any experience with the HawkEye D11S Micro-Display Digital Depth Sounder? I like the size of the display but, I have never heard of the brand and wonder if it is worth $50 eBay dollars. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HawkEye-D11S-Micro-Display-Digital-Depth-Sounder-/151245527323
  2. A well made made joint, with modern glues, will out preform the soft woods. Such as, cedar, redwood ...ect, all the conifers. Knots are the weakest points. Cut out the knots that equal 1/4 or more of the dimension of the stock then try not to over think it. Remember that you are working with a natural product. Logical compromise from perfection will be necessary. You can always clamp it in a vice and test the break strengths. It will make you confident in the process.
  3. Thanks. I will stick it with Lexel and wait a few weeks. I do know that transducers do not like any air trapped in the mounting. The screen will show black lines and gibberish with even the smallest amount of glue failure. That is how I learned that silicone only works for ......well until it don't no more.
  4. As for the crooked scarf joints, the two angles have to be equal, cut the same way on the same jig. Just a fraction of a degree will compound itself. Think, cut both pieces the same way, them flip one over. Perfect match.
  5. Sounds like the scroll saw you are using as some serious issues. Mine kept breaking blades until I made it run true and found the right tension setting. Took about 5 min per frame to cut out. If you get it to work, it will save you a lot of time consuming sanding. Sanding is THE chore.
  6. NO,NO, I meant, Will Lexel stick to the flexible fabric for any amount of time? I was sure it would shoot through the skin but i wanted to mount it with out using the 'set it in a puddle of water' trick. Sorry for the confusion. I know that regular silicon didn't last very long, at least on my plastic boat. As for the cable lenght question, It appears that i'll need to make my own. Thanks.
  7. I'm thinking of installing my small fish/depth finder in my newest skin boat. (started lofting the FreeB 14, Thanks to P.Douglass). I have two questions. 1.Will the transducer work mounted inside the hull? ex. Glued with Lexel. I think it will. I don't want to remove the transducer from my other boat unless I know it should. 2. Are short transducer to display cables available? I need 18" not 18' . Lowrance spec.
  8. Pickman


    Jeff, In you store the FreeB is listed as a 12 and 14 foot boat. I'm interested in the 14' version but can't find a way to download it. I'll buy a full set of plans if you want to plot them out. I need to stay around 15' long with a large cockpit and good stability for my bride. Help?
  9. Great looking boat you have there. I really like the black hull. I almost did mine in black and still might. Hey Jeff, brass strips.......................hint,hint.......
  10. Is cypress light in weight like most conifers? What would you compare it too? Here in TX, the eastern border of the state is full of it. Caddo Lake as an example.
  11. Rub strip on the bow is almost a necessity and it makes it much safer to beach your boat bow first. I have started using a brass rub strip on mine. I have to get it listed in the store. Yes Please. I can't find any brass around here. I'm assuming its half inch wide half round.
  12. Sorry, i was on the road most of the day. Text me with the word 'Strong-back' and I will call you back in short order. visit Arlingtonpools.com , that is me.
  13. and no. they are not open on the weekends. Industrial park area.............9-5 mon -fri.
  14. yes sir. It is comes in a 5 by 5 sheet. high quality stuff. Terrill Stehling, 817-831-4206 is the salesman that i went through when i picked up my ply. It's right off 35E north at exit 56-A. I think it was less than 30 bucks a sheet. One whole boat easily out of on sheet. I see you are in Mansfield, I can give you a sample piece of scrap of birch ply. I'm at Walnut Creek and Country Club and can meet ya anywhere close. I still have the strong-back if you are in need.
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