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  1. Fishman, I hope I am reading your question right regarding spiling the outside plank? If you were to mark back, say 2" (with a compass or dividers), from the finished plank edge. Do this along the edge from the chine to the sheer, you could then dry fit the next plank over (still showing your marks),then simply by using the marks measure back onto the dry fitted plank the 2". Take off the plank, join the marks with a batten. Would this would give you the curve you would be looking for? Trev Great job so far!
  2. Thanks guys for all your input and advice, as "Hirilonde" says.......experts and designers should be the ones that we as amateurs possibly should be following.
  3. Thanks Greg, I was also wondering how the 4mm will bend, after having 3 coats of resin? In the front section of the sides, it (the side panels) have 2 layers to get the flare in this area?
  4. Wow!........ a couple of more decisions to make eh? thanks for your input, I may try a bit of both recommendations... trev
  5. Hi All, nearly ready to start my OB-20 and I was just wondering if there is any merit in pre-coating the plywood panels with epoxy? I envisage it may save a lot of hassles when it comes to getting into the smallish areas inside and also to make sure you get good coverage for sealing. Would this be an advantage or not? Trev
  6. Hi Guys, I also was wondering if flotation is needed, maybe this would be best answered by Graham the designer. I live in Queensland Australia and any vessel that has been built now has to have a label on it that states weather or not the boat has level buoyancy. Ie if the vessel capsizes, will it float level to the water or bow up stern down. Trev
  7. Hey Ron, How about an up date and some more pics mate? Trev
  8. Hi Ron, Totally new to this sort of thing, but I have been looking around for another build and the OB 20 looks to be just the boat for our waters in Townsville Aus. how do you think she would go as an open tiller controlled style with a "smallish" shelter/cabin up front not much higher than the shear? My congratulations, you are doing a great job with the build photos, this helps out lots and also answers a few questions on the sety up etc. Keep up the good work! Trev
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