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  1. NZ Lance has it correct. The modern engines are all good. I like the weight to power ratio of the Etech.. I am adding two stations 6.5 and 7.5. to my building jig. The distance is a little to much for the foam. I hope to get some done this weekend. Grandfather duty tomorrow. Exciting to have the trailer ordered. That gives you that small glimmer of hope. Have a nice family day tomorrow. PG
  2. Miyot; Look at boattest.com they are testing the Evinrude 150 Pretty slick The boat is coming great. I like those staples. I have two in college also. I get the finally snapped part. I am home Friday so hope to get some time in this weekend.
  3. Great info I agree with it all. How far forward is your forward tank? I was thinking just in front of the console. The tanks I chose are about 47" long.
  4. Like anything for every 10 haters there are 10 likers. Several of my friends have E-Tech 150 hp and had no issues. Hard to say.
  5. Evinrude is owned by Bombardier Recreational products. Think they are based in Minnesota. They may be built in Canada but I am not 100% sure.
  6. Look carefully at the Evinrude E-Tech 150 real nice motor light and efficient. It ain't your father's 2 stroke.
  7. The great tank question. I am going to use the Evinrude 150 Etech motor. Lots of power, lightweight and very fuel efficient. Where I live we are fortunate to have no less than 5 harbors to go to in less than 1 hour. I may go offshore a few times but it is not high on my priority list. I am thinking of installing 2, 28 gallon Moeller 032528 plastic tank. Plan B would be 2 25 gallon tanks that are 18" wide. I have not installed my stringers so I may have to spread them a bit to fit these tanks in. I am a marine surveyor by trade and plastic is the way to go. I want the two tanks so that I can just use one of them for around town. This keeps the fuel fresh also. Then if I get the urge I will fill both and venture offshore. Remember that you need to allow an extra 2.5" for the hoses under the deck. The vent is recommended to run through a back flow preventer Some even have charcoal filter in them. If you over flow the tank it stops the fuel from going out the vent. I have also noticed that some of the guys are using the console or the helm seat for their fuel fill. That is an ABYC no no. The fuel fill belongs on the side deck. I am using a cap that is also a vent so that I don't have a vent on the side of the boat. I will say for someone who call himself a rookie you are doing a great job!! When the time comes I could give you tips on glassing a big project like this. My boat because of the foam core will get three layers of glass. 1-18oz 1-17oz 1-10oz . We will do it all at once. That will be a busy day. Thanks for letting me step into your blog. It has been great fun. PG
  8. Yes 24 just like yours. What are you doing for fuel tanks?
  9. Hello Miyot; Glad you are able to post pictures. I was a little sad not being able to see your work. I love that transom shot. You are a lucky man to have such a great helper. I have a 70 year old grump helping me. I have my frames up and supported. Battens next then foam. On the road again next week so a little slow down. PG
  10. Dave. These staples would be great on conventional cold molding where there is a base and thin veneers are added. I am not to sure in the Ashcroft method. Lots of pressure in those pieces. The tried and true screw methods seems to be the way. Otherwise they would be doing something differant at Jarrett Bay
  11. I am not actually trying to save weight. I learned my lesson making power boats to light. They are not happy when they don't float on their lines. I have a goal weight of 2100 lbs. I am adding a 30 gallon bladder tank for water in case my math is a little off. The Penske core transom will last forever.It would be an interesting experiment to see if a Penske Core transom would work in a cold molded boat like yours. I wonder if the Raptor nails would hold long enough to get the glass on.Or I wonder if you glue and clamp a single piece in a rabbet let it set then attach the rest of the layers. Any ideas?
  12. The official name now is Baltek Airex PXc 1 1/2" thick. It is a 35lb per cubic foot foam. It is a high density foam reinforced with fiberglass strands. This transom after multiple layers of glass is bullet proof. I am building my 24 in foam. I also contacted Raptor Fasteners and they were very helpful. I am going to use their #18 brads to hold the core to the mold.
  13. Miyot Formed the transom from 35 lbs Penske board. I Kerfed the core and backed filled with epoxy. 1 layer 1808 for now. I may get my forms up this week. P
  14. Miyot jumping in a little late. Having cold molded several boats, you need a base that is either tongue and groove or bead and cove. This base varies in thickness depending on the size of the vessel. This is faired. Then the thin laminates are stapled to this. Back in the day we put plastic packing webbing down stapled through it. The theory was the you could pull the webbing and the staples came with it. NOT!!! Hours of pulling staples. We went to bronze staples that could stay in and be sanded. Very expensive and no longer readily available. Plastic staples was the next best thing still being used. They required a special gun that was very expensive. These fiberglass staples seem to be great. If they don't drive flush be a little careful holding on fiberglass cloth with it. I will cause a bubble that will have to be fixed. I am going to try their brads to hold the foam to the building jig. A friend used them and worked excellent. I have finally cut out all my building stations. Setting up the jig next. Then a little time out to take care of business. Hate working for a living. Your build is coming along great. Love all the extra reinforcement. Easy and strong PG
  15. Hello Miyot; I hate the look of a drain in the bow for the anchor locker. If you drain into the bildge it smells. I am going to run a small tube from the bow to the bildge pump aft. Where the fuel tanks sit I will seal the area off from the bildge, ventilate to the outside, but then put a tube that goes aft with a removable plug for winter in case any water has got in there. You build is coming great lots of fun to watch. I am still 2 weeks away from starting. I really hate working for living. PG
  16. Miyot So much fun. Something primal about building a boat. I have purchased a set of plans myself. I plan on using corcell and will bead and cove it. I am still about 3 weeks from starting with anger. My background is high speed racing sailboats. This is my first step into the powerboat world. Something to be said about going straight upwind. I'll keep you posted. PG
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