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  1. Miyot I have made little progress. I have been so busy with work. I have been on the road all but 10 days since the first of the year. March is not looking much better for boat building. I am trying to get the inside glassed and the stringers installed. I did order my fuel tank and it is nearly done. I have all the materials just no time. Hope your knee feels better. I have had 3 operations on each knee. Mostly clean outs. No Fun. PG
  2. Nice looking Miyot!!! I was a little worried I hadn't heard from you. Thought you were stuck working on the basement. PG
  3. Hell Miyot what's happening. You have been very quiet. Hope everything is OK. I've been on the road all this year. Look forward to getting back at it in February. Ordered my fuel tank. 60 gallons. Some progress pictures if you have any would sure break up the time in this hotel. PG
  4. Finally flipped. Best Christmas present ever.
  5. Looking good Miyot. How did you determine where to put the fuel tanks? Were you limited by the bulkheads? I didn't envision them that far back. 3 coats of 545. I have to stop tinkering with the shape. I am on schedule to flip on Sunday. Just found out I will be in New Orleans for the month of January then Seattle the first two weeks in February. Not much will get done after flipping.I'm afraid. One more good long board session and over she goes. PG
  6. Miyot how are things? Are you doing time in the basement? The new fairing technique stinks. Sounds good looks possible but it is real easy to get voids and hard to fill. Forget I mentioned it. Should be in prime this weekend. Turnover Saturday after Thanksgiving.
  7. Fairing compound applied. Sanding party tomorrow. Primed by the end of next week.
  8. If you are experienced at vacuum bagging it saves a ton. No voids to deal with. The surface is very smooth. That being said it is a large bag and not for the first timer. One small leak is all it takes. I had 4 friends that are full time boat builders helping me. I did learn a great trick. When applying the fairing use a notched trowel. The same trowel for applying thin set mortar. I use a 1/4" V groove trowel. This allows you to sand just the tall ridges. When all is fair then fill in the balance more light sanding done. For deeper fills I used a 1/2 x 1/2" notched trowel. I had a hollow on both the port and starboard side I filled them with this technique. It worked pretty well.
  9. Hi Jay; I used 17 oz cloth to laminate my boat. It is a very open course weave. I used the mat on the last layer to help smooth out the surface. I will admit I don't usually use mat be cause it is messy and can "lump" up. I usually would use a 10 oz square weave for the last layer. I was given a large roll of the 1.5 oz mat some time ago and that is the real reason I used it. PG
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I got an email from your wife asking me if I could finish her basement. Looking forward to Thanksgiving.
  11. Hi Miyot I vacuum bagged on the last layers all at once. 3 layer 17 oz on the bottom 2 layer of 17 on the sides. 1 layer of 1.5 oz mat on the entire hull. Getting there tons of sanding and priming before Thanksgiving. PG
  12. I knew you had it all figured out. I am using the fuel fills with a built in vent. I hate the look of the vent on the topsides. I'll take pictures and post this weekend. On the road till tomorrow. Still shooting for a Thanksgiving flip party. PG
  13. Hello Miyot how did you figure out the tank placement. It appears all the way back. I remember one post saying with just the aft tank full the boat was a different animal. How do you plan on running the fuel hose and vent. It seems like the tank is at the top of the stringers. Are you raising the deck up 21/2"? I hope to be flipped by Thanksgiving. Long boarding has commenced. Your boat looks great. Again I am jealous that you are so far along. PG
  14. Hello Miyot I also needed to take a break. My boat is all glassed and post cured. I will add the fairing compound this weekend and then sand sand sand. I am a sports fan but have a TV in the shop. Hope to be flipped by Thanksgiving. Usually slows down for me between Thanksgiving and Xmas. I will try to get as much done as I can. January things get busy again and so it goes. My build looks the same because you can see through the glass. I too am trying to finish by May. but as you say LOTS to do. PG
  15. Decisions Decisions all great info.Thank You
  16. Oyster any reason you can think of why I can't spray the aluminum tank with Rhino Liner? I think it would insulate and contain any spills. Just trying to think outside the box.
  17. Miyot; What are you going to do about flotation? I keep forgetting to investigate this. I like the idea of gluing it to the cockpit sole. I have no idea what kind of glue or foam to use. Anyone have any experience with this? Comments more than welcome. PG
  18. Yes everyone showed up all glassed. Going to peel it today. Pictures to follow. I am going to build a cradle with wheels. Do you have room to build a platform behind the boat? Even if you had to attach it to the wall. Keeping all that stuff out of the boat will be key. That Perfection is nice stuff. That was a good trick to just roll and no tipping. We have used Perfection in the past with great results. I am going to use Awl Grip however. I am actually taking the boat to Rhode Island and have my friends spray it in their booth. I know I can't help myself. I am thinking of building one aluminum gas tank with a bulkhead to divide the tank into a 30 and 20 gallons. I saw two plastic gas tanks in separate yards that were cracked possibly by lack of support. I was a big plastic tank guy until I saw that. Make sure you put plenty of "ventilated" support under your tank. I may have my tank sprayed with Rhino Liner. The stuff they use in pickup truck beds. I have to investigate it further however.. You are looking good.Talk soon PG
  19. Looks great Miyot!!!!!!!!! You can really see that Carolina flare with the paint apllied
  20. Finally a little progress. The first layer at a 45* angle is on. 3 more on the bottom and 2 more on the sides. I should be able to put the rest of the layers on in one shot if everyone shows up on Sunday. Thank goodness the Pats are on at 8:30P
  21. Good new Miyot. I feel much better. Just to put one more fly in the ointment be sure to mask off the topsides for the deck glass overlay 4" should do it. You may want to be a little patient with the painting.
  22. Dave one more question before you paint. Do you have enough flat area on the transom for the motor to sit on? I was told today with the amount of curve in the transom that I would have to create a flat area so the engine bears evenly.
  23. I asked because I got the same run around. I must have talked to 20 people about this. One guy actually told me to make it over sized because the engine bolts on the transom and you then have the flexibility to slide it up and down WHAT!!! I finally found someone I think knows what he talking about. I also have decided on 25" from the keel. It was explained to me that this is the distance from the engine hanger to the cavatation plate on the motor. I think you have it right. It would seem to me that is is information the would affect the performance of the motor and the manufacturer would have this readily available. Nope couldn't find it anywhere. You build looks great.
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