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  1. Assume Dave. I love the McGiver attitude. Nothing stops you. The boat looks great. I am more anxious than ever to get mine glassed and flipped. Did you get the transom cut out from the engine manufacturer I was thinking of going to the Mess-about this year. But maybe I will wait and we both show up together next year. Really looks fantastic. Look forward to seeing her all done. PG
  2. Wow Miyot looks fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!! Excited to see it flipped. I am on the road till the 10th. Then hope to glass mine. I have a guy anxious to buy my boat and have me finish it. Decisions Decisions. Keep trucking PG
  3. It has never been an issue. I spray enough to hold it properly
  4. Fishman38 Mine is a Milwaukee variable speed buffer polisher. The paper I use comes from a hardwood floor drum sander. I cut it to size and spray glue it on. In the B&B Forum there is article stated by Scott Dunsworth. It is called 9x11 sander. It shows pictures of the one he made. His base is fiberglass. I use plywood because it is easier and quite frankly didn't think of making it out of fiberglass. You definitely want a slow turning sander. This does a ton of work very quickly but it is not for the faint of heart. We use spray glue to temporarily hold fiberglass cloth in place while we add the resin. Making sanding sticks are great for complex shapes. Best PG
  5. Miyot my vote would be for 1/2" I assume you will cover it with a layer of glass inside and out to seal it. More than strong enough. Can't wait to see more pics. I kinda missed your posts. I thought your wife had you chained in the basement. PG
  6. Power planes are great but they can have big reward and BIGGER disappointment
  7. Russell are you kidding your work looks fantastic. You shop looks like the perfect place to build a boat. You and Miyot calling yourselves rookie builders. I don't see it from either of you. Keep the pictures coming. Hightech
  8. Dale love the yellow and red boot. I bet you a thrilled to be so close. Looks Great PG
  9. Miyot; Peel ply is a little hard to get used to but the end result is worth it. When you tab in the interior bulkheads use it there too. Really comes out nice. I use micro balloons also. It sounds to me you are trying to do a flow coat with thickened epoxy. What I do is to make the epoxy thick enough so it won't run.I am not sure about the volume but its pretty thick. Like mayonnaise or peanut butter. I do any obvious small defects and sand them smooth. Then cover the entire boat using a broad drywall tool and sand it using a chatter board. It doesn't have to be real thick but enough to fill the grain and any lows you have. We also us a tool that we learned from Walter Greene a legend from Yarmouth ME. We have a piece of 3/4" plywood the size of a sheet of sandpaper. I mount it to a 500 rpm grinder. It is critical for balance to get the board mounted as close to center as possible. Spray glue a piece of 36 grit to the plywood and you have a fairing machine. Little scary I must admit but very fast and can't dig in because of the shape. We call it the Greene machine. I like you T-Top. Real easy to screw that up I am learning. Too many posts to little structure. Do you think you could send me a clear picture of it to my email. I like the yellow. No boot will look great.We have a yellow boat here. He used a white boot and tinted Petit Vivid bottom paint to match. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. Going with the Yamaha I see. Good choice. Better than the other engine we discussed. You flying now. Flip over by Labor Day looks like for you. I hope to be glassed by then. Very hectic this week after vacation.
  10. Beautiful. What color are you going to paint her?
  11. Peel ply is excellent on the tabbing as well. I am jealous once again that you are putting on the glass and I am Kinda stuck on vacation with the family. Can't wait to see you flipped. PG
  12. Boy you must have been really smart in another life. I gets it now. With the water moving so quickly be I figured it would have little or no effect. But obviously it does and I will square the trailing edge. PG
  13. Hokeyhydro thanks for that I will do just that. I would love to learn the reason for that. I am a sailboat guy crossing over. PG
  14. There has been a big debate here about the rounded bow,chines and transom. The rounded edges allow the glass flow over the corners better. The rounded edges also helps prevent chipping and trailer rash. I heard that it could hurt performance but I am not sure why. I am going to round the edges and leave them that way. If I have to I will do as you say and add glass and then grind it square. Good luck with the glassing. After seeing the rest of your work I am sure the glass will come out perfect!!!!
  15. Hello Miyot; Need to put a radius on the chines and transom so that the glass will go around. Some pushing and pulling of the foam Then ready for glass. Off on holiday next week with the family then to Florida the week after. Then I can hopefully get her glassed. You look like you are ready to go. The secret to a good glass job, cool temps, good preparation, lots of skilled hands and patience. Everything looks great!!!!!!!!!!!! PG
  16. Just fantastic. You are so very neat with the glue. I love the upside down pictures. My kids say just rotate the picture. What do they know PG
  17. Hi Miyot. For me and all my friends this is the first powerboat. We actually built an 8 meter sailing vessel in the same location. It was all cold molded It didn't go this quick I tell you. Thanks for the complements, your boat looks great to. One fantasy of mine would be able to put the two boats together and cruise around. It's a small world one never knows. Sanding next. PG
  18. Miyot. Played hooky for a couple of days. Finally finished the planking also. Sanding and shaping next. That chunk on the bow is the false stem which is ready for shaping.
  19. The foam has gone remarkably fast. The fiberglass nails and edge gluing rather than bead and cove has been great. The Gorilla glue foams up and fills any little voids. For the bigger voids I put tape below and poured it in. It fills and is extremely easy to sand. I am off now for 10 days so things will be slow. I am looking forward to your pics. Breaks up the monotony of the road. The week with the family will give you new energy and you will be flipping before you know it. I hope to be flipped by Labor Day. PG
  20. Starboard side. Planked and ready for fairing. Port side Saturday, Sunday
  21. Miyot finally some progress. I started planking the sides yesterday and today. I hope to be all planked by the weekend. Then it is off to work for 10 days, Yuck. When I get back fiberglass time. Have a Happy and Safe 4th everyone!! PG
  22. Nice console. Small but big enough. The enclosure will be good for those nasty days. Glad your going with the center console look. It really suits this type of design. I was going to leave the T Top off but it really finishes the boat. Keep chugging. PG
  23. Oh Boy Miyot. The T-Top design for me is torture. It is so easy to make it look awful. I saw a feature that I going to incorporate into my design. The seat forward of the console never has a good handle when underway. I saw what is in the attached picture. They ran a tube forward to create a handrail for the passenger. I don't know why they put it on angle. Are you going with a solid top or material? I am using a solid top, more rigidity and actually less weight. There is a a lot of stainless tubing with the cloth covered ones. I like the top in the second image so far. Just a leaning post for me. I am going to put fold down seats on both the port and starboard side aft. With a table that lifts out of the transom. These will all fold away and make plenty of room for whatever. I am going to use the same hinges to make a fold away entry step. I am excited that you are getting closer to being planked. I am hoping for some time in the next week. I will post pictures as soon as I get some done.
  24. Miyot you are getting there. Exciting that you are getting to the bow section. I agree with everyone with the bronze screws. Can't wait to see the bow section take shape. If people would stop wrecking their boats I would have more time to work on my boat. I have some time planned around the 4th. Great job!!!!!!!! PG
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