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  1. Sadly selling my very nice B&B sailing dingy, built in flotation and oar storage, Interlux paint and Intergrip (no skid) applied to inner floor, Fully rigged with a nice galvanized trailer. Super easy to unload, sail by yourself. Sail, row or power, this boat is ready to go! $3,500. 210.422.8665
  2. I'd like to purchase a cover for my boat, but would rather not go to the expense of custom made. Does anyone happen to know who makes a cover 'off the rack' that will fit this boat well? Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  3. Hi there everyone. I'm been looking at possibly building the Stonefly, and have checked out some of the boats some of you have made. About a year ago I finished a sailing dingy and posted about it in the B&B section of the forum. While it was great fun and I really want to build a bigger boat, the epoxy damn near killed me. I had quite severe reactions to it, regardless of fans used, masks worn, etc. So I started to look around at alternatives and I really like the Stonefly. Now the questions: Approximately how much do they weigh finished? Do most of you use scarfed joints for the gunwales and stringers? And is epoxy absolutely necessary for the scarfs? I can't imagine where I'd get single boards long enough to make them one piece. Regarding skins, I read Jeffs description of nylon and polyester skins. And I believe the latest is that the 11 oz is the 'best' choice. Elsewere, I've read that 3 oz. Ceconite found at airplane supply stores works well, too. Is there a big difference between the Kudzu 11 oz and the 3 oz Ceconite besides the obvious weight? They're both polyesters, but is Ceconite different somehow? Tim
  4. Beautiful job! This boat looks almost identical to the Mandy/Amanda I just finished, but with a prettier bow line. Really like how you've stored the oars. Are they simply held with elastic (bungie type) cord? Tim
  5. I'm 59. After finally finishing my little Mandy/Amanda (13), we toasted it, put it in the water and my gal and I got in. I push away from the dock, and about 10' later said, "come sit beside me". She gets up, steps towards me and... That's my foot still in the boat! We were laughing as we surfaced! Got back in and actually did get to sailing. The boat sailed nicely, and even did well in 15 - 20 mph wind the next day. Of course, I'd like to build another boat (maybe a Ocracoke or OuterBanks), but can't until and if I can figure out a way to deal with my severe epoxy reactions. We'll see. Many thanks to those who gave sage advice while this first time novice fumbled about the build. And Special Thanks to Graham who patiently answered all my questions, especially the stupid ones (am I being redundant?). Tim
  6. Grdat idea, Hirilonde. For some reason, I didn't think they provided that. I emailed Carla and they're working on a rigging plan and hardware kit. I'll probably go with that.
  7. I bought the sail from B&B, but that's all I have. The rudder hardware is easy. What I need is specifics on exactly what I need for the top of the mast (pully/sheave assembly?), what's needed for holding the mast in the step, and hardware for the sail/boom/controls and where to mount them.
  8. I've about finished up with my boat, and need to rig it, but I don't know s*** from shinola about what to get and where to install it! Not much of a sailor (yet). Does anyone have any good pictures and/or advice as to what parts I'll need and just exactly where to install them? I could post a picture of the inside of my boat if it helps. Tim
  9. That is really looking good! I sure appreciate you going to the trouble to document and post pictures of this build. It is inspiring! Tim
  10. Wow, you're doing a great job on the boat! Couple of questions: Really like the rear coolers/live wells. Are you installing drains for them? If so, where will they drain to? Also, you mentioned that you're installing a 4' bench. I presume along the stern, just in front of the cooler/live well and engine area? This boat is gonna look great! Tim
  11. Great start, Dave. Like a lot of people I'll be watching your progress intently. Love this style of boat and am thinking of building the 20' one next, although now I'm thinking might as well build the 24' instead. Do you know if anyone has completed a 24' footer yet? And do you have any idea if how you're going to power it? Tim
  12. Thanks for all the imput, guys. Sounds like 2 part LPU is a good way to go for this beginner boat painter. I'll update with some pictures in a few weeks when I've painted it. Tim
  13. Well, the 3 coats of epoxy went on pretty well after all. I'll sand lightly before applying the primer. Painting question: I'm going to go with Interlux Brightside or Perfection. The Perfection is a 2 part epoxy and costs about double what the Brightside paint does. Since I'm probably going to go with 2 colors on the hull, and an off white on the interior, costs are becoming a consideration. Does anyone have any experience with these paints, and is the 2 part Perfection line worth it or needed over the one part Brightside line? After all the work I've put into this, I don't want to 'cheap out' on the paint now, but the two part with additives will be pushing $300 or so. I've zero experience painting a boat. Tim
  14. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I'll see how the first coat goes on, and if rough let it cure, sand with 80 grit and follow with the other coats. Hopefully, as Alan says it should go one fine from there. I really like the link you gave Howard concerning pre-coating the panels. I'll try to remember to do that on the next boat! There's a lot of other good info there, too. Tim
  15. I'm now ready to apply 3 coats of epoxy to the interior and exterior of the little Mandy/Amanda boat I've built. Need some help with tipping off. I've rolled epoxy on the rudder pieces, then tipped off with those disposable foam brushes. The epoxy sets up quite rough, so much so that I must hit it with the sander again before applying the next coat. Is this typical? Am I not applying enough force with the disposable brushes? Perhaps a good brush to tip off with would be better. If so, how does one clean his brush when using epoxy? What I want to do is apply all 3 coats in one day which would probably preclude any sanding. Tim
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