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  1. Nicely built and designed! I like the features you've added to personalize this P26 to your needs. The Princess series is my favorite of Mr Byrnes designs. I do like the 3 mast hole positions of the CS series though too.
  2. The Forespar unit sounds nice, though I don't have any experience with one to date. Dave F ticked off all the boxes it seems for the Forespar that even I might give one a try on my next boat. If one is going to use the Trangia system Alcohol stove then it's necessary to use thin camping type pots and pans IME. Most of the folks who I've found dislike the Trangia/alcohol type stoves in general were still using pots and pans from their home kitchens. These types are too heavy and take too long to heat up for easy cooking on a boat. Go with the Anodized aluminum type pots and pans available today. I've found they work better for me than even the Titanium types. One factor for the Trangia is that one can set it up inside a cookbox and place it low on the cabin sole in rough weather. I was really disappointed that I missed the Messabout this year. I hope to attend one in the future and would be glad to show what I've come up with for a portable galley. The gist of it is a large plastic toolbox, the type that has a tray in it. You remove the tray, store all your kitchen gear in the lower section, including the Trangia and fuel, and then place the tool tray back in and load that with your cooking utensils. Fast and easy in or out of the cabin, easy to put away and stow too. All systems have merit, it's only a matter of circumstances which one a person chooses.
  3. Quite ingenious if you ask me, and THAT skipper has a HUGE set to try it!
  4. The cheaper single Century brand burners are China made. If you want to go the single burner propane stove route the Century is cheap enough to try it, and if damaged, get it replaced cheaply in port. Making a cook box is easy, I'll post about it when I get more time. Nice boat! Almost what I have in mind....A CS WITH a cabin!
  5. Yes - but it (the Century) looks suspiciously Chinese, what with the "stainless" and all... The Trangia looks like a nice bit of kit, but it'll probably take 15 minutes to boil a liter of water vs. 3 or so for the Jetboil. Mike I have yet to meet the person who could drink a LITER of coffee LOL! Boiling water on a Trangia takes 7 minutes out of the wind for 1 quart of water IME. If you make that hot there is enough for 1 person's coffee, breakfast, and some to go in the thremos...2 people? Boil a pot of water after breakfast for the Thermos...
  6. I have used the Trangia's on many of my small boats over the years as the sole galley stove. If you're worried about the price of fuel all paint,big box ,home Depot type stores carry it in quart sizes which last over a month if cooking 3 meals a day IME. Takes up little space, not explosive, and no fumes to worry about and easy to clean up spills without residue.
  7. Another compliment on a fine looking CS17, the contrast between hull, deck and cockpit really sets off her nice lines to my eye.
  8. I'm wanting to attend from East Central NJ (near Sandy Hook) so if any of you folks are still on the fence about going because of the expense, I'm willing to toss $200 in your pocket to catch a ride down and back with you for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  9. Nice looking boat you built there Bob. I realize the weather issue up in AK is probably why you decked her over. Did you find the cat ketch rig's main hard to deal with once you had the cabin in place? I'm guessing this is why you went to the center mast position?
  10. Hi, new guy here, I just found out about this get together on the weekend and have tried to finish up my work so I could attend. I'm in East Central NJ near Sandy Hook. If anyone is driving down from the New York, CT, or New Jersey area could you please send me an email. I would like to attend for Friday,Saturday and Sunday; and would share the road expenses down and back. I'd much rather ride down with another sailor and give them $200 then Greyhound! If I must I'll close my eyes and get on one of those chinatown buses from NYC LOL! I have only 1 bag with me as I'll be camping on the ground while there. (I'm an experienced ultralight camper) Thanks, Gene @pat mosca 16 sub aol .com
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