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  1. i have core sound 17 # 280 similar specs to the 20 except for length mooring cover, sails, safety eqiopment and electric paddle 1 hp motor located on trailer in west palm beach price negotiable call me if interested 215 852 2343 or email
  2. i have a cs17 available in fl contact me if interested very similar to above boat 215 852 2343 or rga5245@gmail.com
  3. i have cs 17 -280 in south fl available 215 852 2343 george
  4. have core sound 17 #280 in west palm beach finished in jan 2015 available for sale rga5245@gmail.com to discuss
  5. i have an clc eastport pram with sail rig in longport nj which is available
  6. rga cs 17 280 finished mine in palm beach gardens fl once fish and wildlife commission gives you a copy of their inspection report you can immediately go to county tax office and get registration the 60 days is incorrect as long as you have a copy of the fish and wildlife report i waited 3 weeks and just went in with the cert and got registration use the letter that came with your plans from B & B that tells you how to develop the hun id number
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